Casual Afternoon in Monaco FRENCH RIVIERA #1

Taken by J.Pearson Edited by P&F

Taken by J.Pearson
Edited by P&F

So I got to spend a week in the South of France this month and wanted to share with you some relaxing and beautiful days spent there to hopefully give you some inpiration for your vacations or just day dream a bit.

An afternoon in Monaco :

– We walked around the quiet streets of the upper part of the coast

– Visited the Royal Palace and enjoyed the view from one of the highest spots of Monaco

– Went down to the Marina to see the gorgeous boats

– Headed to Monte Carlo to seet the high end shops, luxury hotels and of course THE gorgeous Casino

Palace of Monte Carlo

Palace of Monte Carlo –

By J.Pearson

By J.Pearson

Casino of Monte Carlo

Casino of Monte Carlo

Highly recommend cheching out:

We stopped at the Hotel de Paris for a drink at the Bar Américain. I highly recommend this place. Cocktails are not cheap but affordable and the whole experience is definitely worth it. The décor is splendid very 1930’s, everything is very woody, a wonderful piano stands making you think about all the great concerts this place may have known in the past and the current excellent ones. You can definitely feel the jazz vibe and we all know my love for it. THE PLUS SIDE: Cocktails come with delicious snacks and the staff personnel is the best you could ask for.

View from the Hotel de Paris

View from the Hotel de Paris

Bar Américain, Hotel de Paris

Bar Américain, Hotel de Paris

Our gorgeous cocktails by J.Pearson



2 thoughts on “Casual Afternoon in Monaco FRENCH RIVIERA #1

  1. Oh that trip looks fabulous!! That marina is huge! I definitely want to visit the French Riviera. After getting back from our European honeymoon all we can think/talk about is our next destination! This is going on our list. PS those cocktails…wow! They look so de-lish 🙂

    • Awesome! I bet your honeymoon was the best! There is so much to do in Europe.
      I definitely recommend the French Riviera. So so nice, and so close to Italy so you can diversify landscapes and cultures 😉

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