This blog is about sharing lots of things that I love. As I’m following some blogs, reading magazines, or even in my everyday life, some very interesting and cute stuff pop out. This is theo place where I want to share all these littles aspects of my life that are simple but bring some sparkle to it.

I hope you like this content and come to see what is new everytime you want to get some inspiration, get some ideas, or just dream a bit…

Thank you for your visit.



PS: When source is not explicit – courtesy of Pinterest.

33 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m following your blog with interest. ‘Cute’ that your signature sign off is hugs & kisses ‘XOXO!’ And how ‘Sweet’ are you…noticeably ask ‘questions’ on your posts and persist to ‘engage’ with fellow bloggers and followers when posting. Shew.. where do find the time! Look forward to going through all of your past posts.

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