Spending the Day in Nice FRENCH RIVIERA #2

The city of Nice may be the most famous of the Côte d’Azur. I love how it is a perfect mix between the touristy areas and the more typical ones: The English Promenade Vs. The Old Nice.

By J.Pearson

By J.Pearson

Along the sea you will find the English Promenade and if you walk  towards the inner part of the city, you will find the old town. Both sides are absolutely gorgeous and I think it is so beautiful how the whole landscape changes. You will pass from perfect turquoise water on the beach, to warm yellow and orange houses surrounded by cute little restaurants.



We arrived in Nice in the morning, went to a restaurant on the beach to enjoy a nice cup of coffee and chilled there listening to pretty cool smooth music.

After that, we went back on the promenade and took a bunch of pictures because all the colors were looking absolutely amazing.


By J.Pearson

We then decided to climb the famous Castle Hill – not hard at all to climb and the views we got to see made us speechless. We stumbled upon a wonderful park with a lot of kids and families having picnics – it was so cute!

After coming down the hill we decided to go for lunch in the old town and had the very typical “socca” ( a type of tortilla/corn pancake), amazing warm goat cheese salad, and mussels. It was delicious! Of course we could not enjoy it to the max without a little glass of Rosé 😉

Overall it was an absolutely wonderful day and if you go there I highly recommend living the whole experience. Try to explore the city as much as you can!

PS: If you missed the first post on my FRENCH RIVIERA series follow me to Monaco right here!


Casual Afternoon in Monaco FRENCH RIVIERA #1

Taken by J.Pearson Edited by P&F

Taken by J.Pearson
Edited by P&F

So I got to spend a week in the South of France this month and wanted to share with you some relaxing and beautiful days spent there to hopefully give you some inpiration for your vacations or just day dream a bit.

An afternoon in Monaco :

– We walked around the quiet streets of the upper part of the coast

– Visited the Royal Palace and enjoyed the view from one of the highest spots of Monaco

– Went down to the Marina to see the gorgeous boats

– Headed to Monte Carlo to seet the high end shops, luxury hotels and of course THE gorgeous Casino

Palace of Monte Carlo junglekey.com

Palace of Monte Carlo – junglekey.com

By J.Pearson

By J.Pearson

Casino of Monte Carlo Potskc.com

Casino of Monte Carlo

Highly recommend cheching out: http://www.hoteldeparismontecarlo.com/discover-the-hotel/virtual-tour/

We stopped at the Hotel de Paris for a drink at the Bar Américain. I highly recommend this place. Cocktails are not cheap but affordable and the whole experience is definitely worth it. The décor is splendid very 1930’s, everything is very woody, a wonderful piano stands making you think about all the great concerts this place may have known in the past and the current excellent ones. You can definitely feel the jazz vibe and we all know my love for it. THE PLUS SIDE: Cocktails come with delicious snacks and the staff personnel is the best you could ask for.

View from the Hotel de Paris hoteldeparismontecarlo.com

View from the Hotel de Paris

Bar Américain, Hotel de Paris hotel-monaco.com

Bar Américain, Hotel de Paris

Our gorgeous cocktails by J.Pearson




Today’s Song!

Hi guys!

Well, I NEEDED to post this. I may be super late on this trend, I don’t know. But this is such a surprise for me.

If like me you have already been to a beach with little rocks instead of sand (I spent all my summer in Nice– South of France, until last year), you may have already used these little sexy things.




You may know that I started a TUMBLR account (follow here!) two days ago. Can you guess what have popped to my eyes everyday since then?



OH YEA. The shoes are back brothers! HOW COOL?! Never thought they could look that cute.

What do you think? YAY or NAY?

Going for a swim will never be a nightmare again. Well, at least this summer. Dear trend, YOU CAN STAY IN.



Let’s have a break!

As you may know I have been wanting to get away from my town for a few days in order to relax and just breathe a different air.

I was thinking about spending a week end in a hotel or so and enjoy all the amazing services inside of it.

There are some key moments that I love when staying in a hotel. First, fiding my bedroom in the corridors, then discovering the actual room (the bathroom, the beds, the closet, the view, THE MINI BAR!), finally enjoy as I told the services meaning, dining room (breakfast!), room service, swimming pool, spa etc. (AAH!)

But yes, to me the breakfast really is a big deal! So I would like to ask you what do you prefer?


Room service?


Getting ready to go downstairs?

What are YOUR favorite moments?

What are your next projects for a break?




Pack & Fly (Away)


Imagine I’m this girl (well I am a brunette but still, try to picture me). I have everything folded and packed. Just need a destination and some cash in my pockets. 

I don’t know why but I want to go to England since Christmas (well, actually I know why: it’s because of all the amazing british youtubers and because I want to shop there)! Any English bloggers who want P&F in their house? hahaha

In case you are thinking about travelling these days or if you are like me (needing some fresh air), enjoy the pics below. 








Credits: Pinterest