Dear Emma Watson,

At the beginning of this month, I read this article announcing that Emma Watson was going to be ONU Goodwill embassador

I was so amazed by this great achievement.

To me, this lady really has it all. She is a wonderful actress, a true humanitarian, and gorgeous model with a degree from Brown Univeristy to top it all.

I really admire how she managed to follow her dream of becoming an actress, being able to diversify her path in the artistic industry. But at the same time, she made a good use out of her notoriety and influence to achieve great humanitarians missions. In addition to that, she continued her academic education getting a degree in English literature, becomming a great influence to many young ladies.

She embodies to me, one of the greatest types of career one can get: learning from books and people, following dreams and hobbies, and at the same time, trying to make some difference in this world through active participation in volunteering and social improvement.

I would consider her a great role model.

Congrats Emma!


11 thoughts on “Dear Emma Watson,

  1. I love her! Definitely an inspiration when you begin to hate education and feel like you’re so busy you can’t do any of it. When I feel that way, I realised that she was making movies during her education and managed to always top the class. What a great role model and woman. Love her.

    I talked about her being my ‘woman crush’ on my blog once haha check it out! :

    Also, great blog x

    • Thank you so much for such great feedback!
      You are right, and being busy with things besides education is also very good for your balance at school. It is very umportant not to do ONLY SCHOOL.
      Wish you all the best and will definitely check out your blog!

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