Help me chose my beauty products! #1

Hello everybody!

I hope you all had an excellent week end!

Today I’m writing a new kind of post where I will have the opportunity of interacting more with my readers and other bloggers, which is essentially what I like to do.

As I already told a million times, I live in Europe however I got the opportunity of going to the USA in the past and miss some things I would buy there so much!
After doing everything I could to find candy canes and some cool candles for the winter season, I have another objective now!

I would like to buy some cool beauty items! Some products are just impossible to find in Europe but thanks to this website, I can now purchase some of them. Well the problem is.. I cannot try any of the products before buying so this is where I will need your participation! Excited to help?!

I will make kind of a small serie for this: one day I will be asking your advice for a perfume, then for a hand sanitizer and so on.

Today I need your advice to find the best Victoria’s Secret Body Mist! I would be glad if you could help and share some of your last purchases!










Which one is your favorite?



11 thoughts on “Help me chose my beauty products! #1

  1. Oh how fun! Well, I will be honest, you can’t go wrong with really any of VS Scents. I have A LOT! Probably the most popular one is Love Spell, and I have used that for many years. But, wanting to switch things up this year I tried Midnight Dare and it is delicious. It’s light and kind of fruity and I always get asked by people what perfume I’m wearing when I have MIdnight Dare on. That’s probably my favorite.

    Also, I don’t really like Mango Temptation in perfume form but as a lotion or body butter it is amazing!

  2. I’ve never tried (and therefore smelt) any of Victoria’s Secrets body sprays. I’m sorry I can’t offer advice! The bottles are so pretty though, I’m sure they’re all really yummy!
    P.S. I’m so glad you’re on Bloglovin’! It makes it so much easier to keep up with your blog!

    • Thanks for following Nathalie! It’s okay.. I know the bottle are so cute, the thing is that I am not a fan of super duper sweet scents, so that’s the only thing I am afraid of.. But Love spell seems pretty famous. I may buy it, even if it is to spray in my bags/clothes.. We can never spray enough! haha
      I am following you as well on bloglovin! So excited to read more of your posts! XO

    • Thanks E. ! I actually went there the other day… they only had few of them. I really liked grapefruit though! But those american smells are so different.. I already had 2 body mists from there and there are sooo yummy.. :p

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