“Today’s Song”?

Today’s Song

Hello everyone,

I remember that a lot of you loved my “Today’s Song” and I am definitely going to keep it for you to listen to while reading my posts.

Alright so first things first.
That song! Amazing, huh?

I discovered this channel on Youtube and fell in love with so many of their songs. I think the most part of it is mix of songs with the house/chillout touch which is basically their brand.

I think there is something very sophisticated and seductive about this beat – which I absolutely love. It basically makes me day-dream which is something so typical of me.

If you liked this song let me suggest you my top 5 from that website:
- Marvin Gaye – Sexual Healing
- Pharrell – Happy
- Klingande – Jubel

That is it for today, just a tiny recall for “Today’s Song”.

I hope you enjoyed it and are as excited as I am for next posts coming up.

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So here I am typing again.
It does feel good.

As you may remember from my previous post, I stopped blogging last summer. I got into some sserious projects that continued over winter and I just had no time for P&F anymore.

Time will tell if this coming back is for good.

In the mean time, I have so many things I want to share with you! Can’t wait to share it all!

I hope you are all really excited and thank you to everyone who kept thinking about Preppy&Funny. It really means a lot.



Courtesy of: Tumblr

Courtesy of: Tumblr



“We need to talk”…

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all doing fine, that you had an amazing summer time and back to school/wrok time was the best. 

As you may have noticed my blog has stagnated over the last 2 months. Long story short, these month were very busy, lots of projects, lots of things changing in my life.

I thought you all deserved an explanation about my absence. Unfortunetely this is not a coming back… I truly loved this year (almost) of blogging: discovering and learning a lot of things and metting very interesting and nice persons.

I had such a good time, that I do think that I will continue this blog in a few months. 

Until that time, I will keep following you guys, and hope to still have your support when I’ll finally come back. 

Thank you to all of you who made this blogging experience so fulfilling.

Much love,


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Hello everyone!


I just wanted to let you know that I haven’t been posting because I am still having my college exams… However I keep updating my Pinterest account everytime I want to make a little break, so follow me there if you want to keep updated!

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Hope you are all doing fine!



Colors of the Rainbow Tag! FINALLY

Hi guys!

I hope you are all doing fine. Today I am doing the Colors of the Rainbow Tag which is pretty famous out there on youtube but also here in the blogoshere. It is quite old now, but I absolutely loved watching and reading these during the past month so I decided I’ll give it a shot!

PLUS I have been tagged by beautiful/recently engaged Briana from http://tidbitsofbriana.wordpress.com/ ! She is really nice and have amazing content so I definitely suggest you to check her blog!

This tag is very simple, it consists in going through the colors of the rainbow and chose any item beauty/fashion (or anything that you want) that you love and that’s realted to the color.

So let’s do this!


For this color I chose one of my favorite striped tees! I have been all about this style during the last months and I have a ton of different colors!



For this color, I chose my bright orange lipstick. Well, I love it, but I really have difficulties in wearing it thes days because I am still very pale from the winter time, so I am waiting for those hot/tanned days to pull it off!



Well, my yellow sneakers! I immediately thought about these. I had these weeks in the very beginning of spring when I was really obsessed with yellow and bought a ton of different fashion related pieces in this color!



Boxwood! Same thing, was obsessed with it, finally bought it! And I know it is not very fashion/beauty related but it is my favorite touch of green in my bedroom. Does my bedroom looks like a garden now? Kind of. :D



This product is amazingly refreshing and moisturizing! It is a gentle water that you spray all over your face after washing it.
Normally I wash my face, spray this all over, wait for it to dry and then apply my daily lotion. Amazing. Plus it wakes you up in the morning… which is not bad!



It was hard for me to find some products in these colors because I don’t really use it. But this nailpolish has been a huge favorite lately. It is by essence. Such a  nice quality/price product! I definitely suggest it to you!



Okay, I have to confess. I was very very influenced by youtube for this purchase, but I don’t regret it in any way!


That’s it for this tag! I tag all of you to do it because it is a lot of fun and I love reading these posts!

Hope you like it!



Quick Finals Post!

Hi guys!

I hope you are all doing fine!

Today I tweeted about my inspiration (click here if you’d like to follow me!) and told you that I was pretty much only thinking about my exams lately. So yes, I can only picture my next blog posts talking about finals and stuff that I like to do around that time!

 I am going to share with you somehting very important: FINALS SNACKS

Problem #1: I am a potato chips lover
Problem #2: When I want to snack, I need to have something ready to eat. In fact, Mr.Lazy tends to be watching…
This is not a surprise there are more and more people doing this but I guess sometimes you just forget about it. And most of the times, you forget to do it when you really need to! So just in case you are not thinking about it! Here it is!
Good studying time to all!



I guess this can help/motivate some of you who can be in the same situation so tell me if you’d like to see more posts like this one!