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As you can see, I haven’t been the best at¬†blogging over the last few months, I could find a thousand excuses for this but really, I believe that this is due to the content I was publishing until now and that does not correspond to me anymore.

So I want to redirect the content of the blog towards something than is more me, that can help me grow and hopefully help you as well in some ways.

From now on, the blog will focus towards three main themes: Fashion, Lifestyle and Career.

I am passionate about fashion, exploring new trends and expressing myself with what I wear so I will keep sharing my favorite pieces, trends and brands.

I feel like lifestyle is really a buzz word nowadays (but I love it so much!). My personal lifestyle Рwhich I intend to share here Рis a beautiful, gentle, sophisticated yet down to earth, and also very fun way of living. I will focus on the material and unmaterial aspects (from what to put in your living room to what you put in your brain).

Finally, the career theme will explore subjects related to a bunch of different careers such as entrepreneurship, marketing, design among others. Hopefully, interviews between amazing professionals and I will inspire you!

We will see how this works out. Let me know your opinion on this, every contribution and collaboration is welcome!


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Not me (yet)! Ahh – come one, did I fool you? haha

That could have explained my complete absence from the blogosphere (and the whole internet – truly sorry about that) but as you may know already I started a new job and this first month has been particularly intense. I will be back on track on March I promise. Until then I will try to post as much as I can on FB – where I usually share my favorite finds of the internet.

– But back to this actual post –


Two of my absolute favorite brands collaborated and launched their collection online yesterday!

I only saw that news yesterday while scrolling down on my instagram and was so so happy.

Both prep’ giants worked on a polo collection that is described perfectly in the¬†The Fashion Spot.

The shirts are an updated throwback, inspired by the 1983 version of Lacoste’s alligator logo, rendered in blue as opposed to the green we’re used to seeing. РWWD

Available in three colorways, J.Crew switched it up with an archive style straight from 1983 that swaps out the traditional green crocodile for a blue one that’s detailed with a Lacoste cursive font inside the logo. The shirt’s fit has also been updated with a slimmer cut and features notched tennis tails. – Acquiremag.com

jcrew women

This is such an amazing idea – these are both great brands and I personally think that Jcrew has been doing an amazing job in teaming up with some great other leaders in an important range of market. Well done you two!

PicMonkey CollageCheers,

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Loving on Instagram #2

>>While you read (click)<< 

A few posts ago, I shared with you some of my favorite instagram accounts, and you seemed to like it very much.
So I decided to share some others pictures that I have been loving while scrolling down on my instagram.
I kept a very natural palette for this selection. Hope you like it ūüôā



20KV*By 20kvadrat


*By 20kvadratamerrymishap

*By amerrymishap

COULDIHAVETHAT* By couldihavethat

I highly recommend you check out these artists. Amazing pages.

Have a good one!


Vday Fever #1


As promised in my Weekly Plan post, today is Monday which means FASHION POST!

Okay, I have to confess, I have been crazy about pink and red combo. Unexpected for some,  classic for others, I personally never tried it (but may give it a try for the first time this month!).

Well, it is useless to tell you that this color combo is super inspired by all the Valentine’s day fever going all around us.

And regarding Vday’s topic, i will be posting about it quite often until the 14th. So I hope you are excited for that.

If some of you are super curious and can’t wait until the next Vday posts, I can tell you some P&F secrets: playlists, DIY, dates ideas and other fun stuff will be featured in this new series.

Tell me if you ever tried red and pink together!


The super stylish Carrie (pic found here)


A very nice flowy dress from Oscar de la Renta


Emma Stone who paired her outfit with some nude shoes


I ‚̧ that skirt from JCREW, do adorable!


Even Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere agrees with that color combo!


If too scared to try these combination, you can add simple touched of color like the polka dots on this umbrella.


Well, my conclusion is that I will be definitely rocking (try to) these colors together!