Hello everyone!

I hope you are all doing for the best!

I need to tell you something, as you may have guessed from some posts of mine, I love boats, sailing (the idea of it cause I never did sail – haha) and all the fashion style that goes with it – White pants, boat shoes, stripe tee…  [On the other side I’m like – Yay for baseball caps and baseball tees! I know, complex character.]

Well, and some days ago I saw ana amazing pair of boat shoes and I thought, OKAY, now I need to get a pair for this season! Plus I am going to be studying more than literaly going to the beach so I will be able to go around the city with those babies.

But before dreaming about all that I need to actually pick a pair! I actually have a board on Pinterest  with  bunch of different options. I know, it’s crazy… Nordstrom actually have really nice prices for those shoes that aren’t the cheapest…

Source of Pics: http://www.hystoggery.com/sperry/


Hope you enjoyed everything!



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