McGregor Afterwork Party

Several weeks ago I had the opportunity to go to the Mcgregor afterwork party in Paris, for the launching of their first women collection in France.

The event was absolutely divine: DJ Mayah Levels @mayahlevels , was there to rock our world – doing a perfect job mixing some of my dearest commercial tunes with a hint of hip hop, Champagne was bubbling in our glasses, miniature cupcakes were the most adorable (and delicious!) thing ever, and those candy buckets just made my life complete at that precise moment.

There were two different ateliers, one for having your manicure done, another one to take amazing pictures.



Now let’s talk more about their collection. As some of you may know already McGregor is a brand with strong Scottish heritage that we can particularly feel through the plaid that appear in their collections. However they have an important diversity in their collection some lines are more focused towards sportswear, other ones are more casual and you can also find a very fine luxurious line. I invite you to check them out here to discover the brand if you don’t love it already.


I recorded a tiny bit of the event to share with you and this way you could feel the atmosphere a bit better. If anyone in the video does not want to appear, please let me know and I will immediately take it down.

I also had the opportunity of meeting a wonderful blogger Delphine that took some amazing shots at this party. Say hi @ !

This post was very different for me so let me know if you liked it and if you would like to see more of these.




Hello everyone!

I hope you are all doing for the best!

I need to tell you something, as you may have guessed from some posts of mine, I love boats, sailing (the idea of it cause I never did sail – haha) and all the fashion style that goes with it – White pants, boat shoes, stripe tee…  [On the other side I’m like – Yay for baseball caps and baseball tees! I know, complex character.]

Well, and some days ago I saw ana amazing pair of boat shoes and I thought, OKAY, now I need to get a pair for this season! Plus I am going to be studying more than literaly going to the beach so I will be able to go around the city with those babies.

But before dreaming about all that I need to actually pick a pair! I actually have a board on Pinterest  with  bunch of different options. I know, it’s crazy… Nordstrom actually have really nice prices for those shoes that aren’t the cheapest…

Source of Pics:


Hope you enjoyed everything!