The Zen Desk

Hello to everybody!

Today’s song!

I hope you all had a very nice week end, fun, relaxing, and useful.

I am stil working on my DIY project which should be available this week!

Until we wait for it, I would like to share with you an article from the magazine Activa (Portuguese) this one  is from 2003! I know.. it is crazy. But when you reorganize your papers you find very interesting stuff!

This article is about how to organize and decor your desk in order to feel good and be productive. Since we are at the beginning of the week I thought about sharing this with you. Maybe some of you will adapt some tips for their own desk!

In the way the article is written you can notice that it turns a lot around feng shui (something that I personally like and find curious).


1- dark colors are well known for keeping the good energies. They also increase your self-confidence and contribute postitively to your career.
What should we do with these dark colors? – Use them in some pieces of decorations, maybe some painting on your wall behind your back. This way it assures you security. (Nice, right? :D)

2 –When you are sit, on your right there should be glass and metal objects like an organizer for your pens and post its. In fact, they contribute to the capacity of organization and criativity!

3 – Having lights in the roof is kind of aggressive, you would rather have a table lamp on your right side. It gives you a cosy atmosphere and it is very good for people who will write a lot.

4- On your right side, there should be your phone. This side is supposed to advantage travalling and work contacts (Yea.. I know.. but why not? :D).

5 – The presence of yellow objects is also good concentration and intelectual capacity!

6 – Plants in the left side of your table are very good. They relieve stress, favor your health and your professional progression.

 7- You can also spread some light fragrance. It renews your energies and acts on your humour and health. (I will publish an article about aromatherapy – which I think is so so interesting and love)

8 – In order to stimulate your relationship with the others you should have a number pair of objects on your top right hand of your desk.

9 – You want to increase your professional success? Put a crystal in front of you! (Why not?!)

10 – Put all the papers that you’re leaving around next to the crystal object, near red objects. Red reminds of the fire, this will make your projects go forward, but also your business and money.

11 – The top right hand side corner is for wealth. In order to attract it, purple is a good color.



I think some elements here are very curious, fun.. so why don’t we try it?
I am not 100% convinced by this color object business.. but as I already said.. why not? 😉

Hope you enjoy the article. I wish you all a great week!



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