Amazing Discoveries #FOOD

Hello everyone!

Yesterday I stumbled upon this amazing video with some great tips for food photography. I loved the fact that it really got into details explaining the different options of a DSLR (I have very few knowledge about that) but also the best tips for pictures taken with phones!

But the best part was definitely the fact that I got introduced to Top With Cinnamon – an amzing food blog that I am sure many of you know already. Izy Hossack seems so nice and down to Earth and she is truly talented.

I highly recommend you to stop over her blog if you’ve never been there and to take a look at this amazing promotion video for her recent book (how cool is that?).

Congrats Izy and a very happy weekend to you all!


p&f new

Juicy Fruit!

Hi guys!

I was scrolling down on Tumblr (follow me here!) when I saw an amazing pic of pomegranate! One of my favorite fruits! So yes, I decided to post about all my favorite fruits.

I know this is not the most exciting one.. but come.. just take a look at all those pics.. aren’t they amazing? AND delicious?

– Not responsible if you suddenly want to rob your grocery store! haha –




watermelon (1)

Sans titre 1

You may notice that these are all very juicy fruits.. which leads me to share with you one of my fave gums!





Hello everyone šŸ™‚

I’ve been wanting a spinach soup for so long now! I discovered this recipe which just look amazing. I had spinach soup last winter (I mean this winter!) – so so yummy…


Share your recipes!


Oh, and obviously, we can never think about spinach without thinking about this handsome man… ;P




Computer getting fixed.

Hi guys!

Last days have been pretty crazy for me because I had to travel, do many things for university and then, I had to bring my computer to the office to get it fixed because it had a problem.. :/ All these events are making the whole process of posting very hard!Ā 

However I will try to keep posting as often as I can.Ā 

While you are waiting for more exciting posts, I’ll let you with this cool idea found on Pinterest. Perfect to add some sugar to a rainy day. šŸ™‚




Let’s have a break!

As you may know I have been wanting to get away from my town for a few days in order to relax and just breathe a different air.

I was thinking about spending a week end in a hotel or so and enjoy all the amazing services inside of it.

There are some key moments that I love when staying in a hotel. First, fiding my bedroom in the corridors, then discovering the actual room (the bathroom, the beds, the closet, the view, THE MINI BAR!), finally enjoy as I told the services meaning, dining room (breakfast!), room service, swimming pool, spa etc. (AAH!)

But yes, to me the breakfast really is a big deal! So I would like to ask you what do you prefer?


Room service?


Getting ready to go downstairs?

What are YOUR favorite moments?

What are your next projects for a break?