Favorite Youtubers!

Hey guys!

I wanted to post about my favorite youtubers because basically I spent the last weeks watchinig all the videos of my favorites channels! The girls that I follow have been such an inspiration and some videos really make my day sometimes. They made me want to bake some super cool stuff, gave me ideas of DIYs, of style, make up, hairstyle.. SO MANY THINGS!

If you are looking for some inspiration in one of the following fields check their videos. PLUS all the girls are super sweet and beautiful, you just want to be as cool as they are!

You may know some of them or maybe all of them!
If you follow any other youtubers please let me know, it is always good to find out other good channels!

This post and some of the channelsthat I discovered were thanks to Arabella’s site. Check it out – it is really really cool! šŸ˜‰ Thank you so much!

With no particular order:


Tess Christine!


Ā Ingrid!


Arden Rose!


Bethany Mota!






Hello to all!

Hope you all had a great week and that you are ready to chill during the week end.

Today I decided to post a new article that is going to be the first of Ā a new category called “Musings…”.

I’ll publish from time to time, a Musings article which will always include 3 tips/suggestions/thoughts about:

– Fashion

– Food and/or Recipes

– Funny stuff

Like the idea? So here comes the first one!


Yesterday I was scrolling down my personnal facebook home page and Zara had shared Malhek Farhat posts that were so so cute and luxiourious. I loved it!
Lately I’ve been crazy about yellow clothes so I have to confess when I saw this little outfit it was just a BIG CRUSH.


Ā On the other hand, my birthday is approaching really fast, and for this special occasion I decided that I wanted a BIG BIG cake. With several floors, colors and pearls! (Crazy idea?) So, I’ve been googling to get some ideas (because I’m planning on baking my own cake). What I find in general are wedding cakes. But still they are so nice and can give some ideas!


Ā Finally, for you to smile a little bit, I’ll share something that has been sent to me.

Tard the Grumpy CatĀ << Watch the video!


Ā ————————————————-

Hope you enjoyed it!

See you soon.