Loving on Instagram #4

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Long time since my last Insta faves post. So here you go! Hope you enjoy ūüėČ


* By theeverygirl_


* By kinfolk


* By sugarandcharm

_thewhite* By thewhite


* By shopblackcaviar

Wish you an amazing week ahead ūüôā


p&f new

YUM YUM Sunday!

Hello everyone!

I hope you all had an amazing week end!

I am so sorry for not posting that much last week but I had tests again at university which makes it hard to think about cool ideas of posts etc. The intense weeks are not over, but I will try to post more!

Well, as most of us struggle with time management, I wanted to share with you an AMAZING website, that I wish I would use more.

http://www.howdoesshedoit.com/ РOH-Yea.

Basically, this website has a bunch of cool ideas for recipes organized according to types (deserts, light, pasta, easy etc.) and then you can manage your shopping list! This way you buy exactly what you need for the meals you are planning to cook during the week! Cool right?

And besides that, I wanted to show you this new super yummy pic of pasta that I found on Pinterest! YUM! I think I am going to make a post about PASTA – 100% Italian Post! haha


Find the recipe here!



P&F Posting Schedule

Hi guys!

My semester in college is starting tomorrow! There we are – back to school.

In order to get a bit more organized for the beginning of classes, I decided to schedule my posts more carefully. So here goes the official schedule!

I hope you like it and dont’ hesitate in giving suggestions and telling me what you want to see the most.

weekly plan




Hi to all!

Nov, 1st: All Saints Day РHoliday in:  Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Croatia, Ecuador, Finland, France, Germany, Guatemala,Hungary, Italy, Lebanon, Lithuania,
Luxembourg, Malta  Mauritius, Mexico, Peru, the Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Seychelles, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland. (ok, my source was Wikipedia, but it works!)

For the ones who were on a Holiday today, I hope you spent a good day in family or having a good time, whatever you were doing.
Personally, I spent the day relaxing and recovering from my very exhausting week so far.
In fact I AM NOT strenching the holiday until the week end and tomorrow is a huge day for me!

For the lucky ones who will be chilling the whole week end but also for the ones who have to go back to school/work tomorrow, I let you some inspiring/motivating images to put you back in a HARD WORKING mood ūüėČ

Hope you are all doing fine! Thanks for stopping by!



For all the ones who have a big day tomorrow, don’t worry, rely on this:


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