It’s not raining men

Hello to all!

It has been raining all day, everyday since last week end and we are not expecting the weather to get better in the next days. The sun has to show its little face and warm us up!

Until then, we can’t take the rain taking out our mood – so I wanted to share with you some activities that I think are cool for those bad days.

Hope you enjoy and that it will help you if you are living a similar situation!





Today’s song!

ImageHello readers!

I hope you started your week well. Where I live we’ve had such nice days.. today it started to be cold.. Very cold. At least for people who left home thinking it was going to be 15°C… Ridiculous.

On the other hand, i’d like to dedicate this post to all the persons that will be facing the hurricane Sandy. Be careful and take care.

Freezing XOXO,