Things to do with Candy Canes!

Today’s XMAS Song!

Hello everyone!

I’ve never talked about that in any post but I am crazy about candy canes. Unfortunetly I live in Portugal actually and we don’t have that (I may have found some place where I can get it.. but you see my point – it is that hard to find candy canes here!)

During the last months I saw some amazing pictures around the web of very cool stuff that you can do with candy canes (beveradges, candies, snacks etc).
I hope you’ll like my selection and please let me know and share if you’re trying one of these!

Happy Holidays!





Work perfectly to sprinkle or stir your hot cocoa. [pinterest]


You can also try this recipe from, or just keep the idea of a cranberry/sprite/sparkling water/grenadine cocktail and add a cool candy cane 😉 [check out this amazing website] christmas-peppermint-oreo

This recipe I found on Basically, it consists in dipping oreos into white melted chocolate and then sprinkle with crushed candy canes! [yummy – super cool website as well!]


Same style, but now, dipping marshmallows into milk/black chocolate and then sprinkle with crushed candy canes! [pinterest]


My lovely wooden boat.

Today’s Song!

Hey you all!

Well, as you know, I am crazy about boats! I would love to spend a nice afternoon, sunbathing in one of these amazing boats… Some nice music and classy jokes would be very welcome.

Actually, it is not the hardest dream on Earth, so I should think about doing this very soon!

What do you think? Any experiences like this one already?