All Navy Everything – November Faves

Hello everybody,

I’m officially anouncing that I’m on a Navy Rehab. You heard me. Color navy. (Spoilet alert- it looks like December is going to be All Gold Everything – stay tuned)

Let’s think black or something else for December. In any case, I hope you like these articles that have been my go to accessories for the month.


New Look fuzzy coat


Also seen on
Primark beanie


Casio and Wellington watch (mismatched dial and bracelet)
Also seen on





Coco, of course!

Hello everyone!

While scrolling down on Pinterest (as always) I found this poster of the movie Coco Avant Chanel. Waw, can’t believe I never told you about that movie. I really really liked it and watched it already too many times to count. The movie is so elegant and has the right amount of drama and fun.  And of course, it is super interesting because you get to know the life of Coco Chanel and the lifestyle in France at that time.


Did you watch it? Share your thoughts!




Boyish Look – Girly Stuff

Hey guys!

I hope you are all spending nice holidays!

Today I wanted to share with you some items which are present in my pinterest wishlist (make sure to follow me there too!) because I took a look at that board today.. and OMG some things are really really cool there – I want them all!

Here we go!


Absolutely love this picture. The expression on her face is amazing and that style is so so cute! I don’t think I ever told you that, but I am crazy about boyish style. Of course, with that kind of outfit you better watch your attitude and your make up, for people to remember that you are a Lady. ;P


This watch is in my Pinterest Wishlist and I think it is absolutely gorgeous. I love the color, and I really like the contrast between the classy watch face and the more sportswear bracelet. NEED IT!


These shoes.. OMG! Super boyish with that girly ribbon touch 😉 There are just perfect to me!


Now this is something funny (of course, I always have to put that little touch of fun!), SALT AND PEPPER MAGIC WANDS! How cool is that?! Add a magic touch and you are good to go!

I hope you liked this selection, tell me what you think of it.

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Favorite Youtubers!

Hey guys!

I wanted to post about my favorite youtubers because basically I spent the last weeks watchinig all the videos of my favorites channels! The girls that I follow have been such an inspiration and some videos really make my day sometimes. They made me want to bake some super cool stuff, gave me ideas of DIYs, of style, make up, hairstyle.. SO MANY THINGS!

If you are looking for some inspiration in one of the following fields check their videos. PLUS all the girls are super sweet and beautiful, you just want to be as cool as they are!

You may know some of them or maybe all of them!
If you follow any other youtubers please let me know, it is always good to find out other good channels!

This post and some of the channelsthat I discovered were thanks to Arabella’s site. Check it out – it is really really cool! 😉 Thank you so much!

With no particular order:


Tess Christine!




Arden Rose!


Bethany Mota!





Minimalis is cute


Hello to all!

I wanted to post a small selection of little accessorize that I’ve been loving so much. Lately I’ve been completely crazy about minimalistic jewelery as you can see above. I started wearing some very light accessories and it feels very good. I think it is very nice for the daily working life because it is not heavy, and not very showy. Discrete but elegant (that’s what we want, right?).

Hope you like it!


Ok, this one is not the most discrete ever (kind of noisy) but I must say I love those these little charms! Malek Farhat’s Pic

Love these ASOS rings, discovered @ etpourquoipascoline’s blog So nice.

Have been crazy about tiny tiny rings..  Pandora has some very nice ones!


Simple little bracelet to wear with your watch 😉

Do you wear accessories like these?