S&S (skirts&sneakers)

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Just a quick post to share a style that I have been obsessed with for a while now. The one and only, combo: sexy skirt paired with sneakers and a casual top. Sweet mother of Sport Chic! I also listed down below my favorite pairs of sneakers that I am craving right now. #birthdaysoon


Un petit article rapide, juste pour partager avec vous un style qui m’obsède depuis un certain temps. Le seul et l’unique, ensemble: jupe sexy portée avec des petites baskets et un haut décontract’. Bon, je ne peux que dire, Sweet mother of Sport Chic! (ha!) J’ai aussi réaliser une petite liste de mes modèles de baskets préférés – tous au sommet de ma wishlist. #birthdaysoon


Um breve artigo só para partilhar um estilo que não me tem saído da cabeça. O grande, o único, conjunto: saia sexyzinha com umas boas sapatilhas e um top descontraído. Adoro! Criei uma pequena lista dos modelos de sapatilhas de que mais gosto e que estão no topo da minha wishlist. #birthdaysoon




❖ Feeling (very) Casual Chic ❖

Hi guys!

Today I wanted to write a quick inspiring fashion post.

After that huge flow of statement necklaces, sequins, faux leather style etc. I’ve been in a very chilling mood. Lately I’ve been feeling like -» Leggings, nice shirt, my sneaker, a messy hair, a nice make up and I’M READY TO GO!

So here go some very cute outfits and ideas of style that I found very inspiring. Who said you could not be chic while super comfy and casual? 😉



I need to buy a pair of white converse! I think they are just so so cute. Love that first look, I think it is perfect for spring, such gentle color but super nice and still warm textures. Regarding the second style, I am also crazy about it. How easy is that classy look – a pair of jeans, a nice top. Put a blazer on it and spice the whole thing with a pair of all stars! SO CUTE.


Staying with the casual footwear, as you may remember from this post, I absolutely love New Balance sneakers, I actually own a pair and they are so so comfortable. Love that look! So cool – kind of fresh for the weather were I live though.. But nice idea for warmer days! haha


POLO DRESS GUYS! OMG, I spotted a very cute one this week end, and I think I am going back to the store and buy it because it is so cute. And while we are talking about casual outfits… Well, one morning I wake up and feel lazy to pick an outfit…. You got it, right? 😉
The one I want to buy is actually ivory, and I think I’l turn it super fun with a pair of bright and funky flats. Because I want to look fun like that!

I hope you guys liked those ideas, and that they will inspire you!

Have a nice day!