Week Wrap Up

Hello everyone,

I thought I would share some more personal things on the blog and sharing with you the highlight of my week. I would love for you to share them as well in the comments this way we can all learn from eachother and discover new things all around the world.

As I’m appartment hunting in Paris, I have plenty of time to wander around the city and explore coffeshops, stores, exhibs, among many others.

1) A very exciting discovery was Artazart. If you are not familiar, Artazart is an amazing design bookstore. They have a huge selection of any type of design book you would be looking for, some are more graphic, some more intellectual. Some are amazing coffee table books, others are great tools to start creating (wether it is a company, a interior space, an art collection, a diy, you name it!)

And if these lines weren’t covincing enough I would suggest you to check out the tripadvisor reviews this store has. And trust me, these reviews are well deserved.

Here are some book that I stumbled upon and loved (some are only in French sorry):

PicMonkey Collage

And THIS, how cool is it? First notebook made out of stone. What?!! ❤

2) Exhib : L’Amérique des Kennedy – “Kennedy’s America”

This was a lovely exhib, the gallery is absolutely gorgeous and I got to learn many new things especially about Robert Kennedy and the whole family.

PicMonkey CollageKE

3) White Nail Polish + White Loafers

PicMonkey CollageWHITE

(Shoes Nail PolishRings)

Let me know if this is something you would like to see more often! And please, let me know what are YOUR highlights of the week. 🙂


p&f new

Minimalis is cute


Hello to all!

I wanted to post a small selection of little accessorize that I’ve been loving so much. Lately I’ve been completely crazy about minimalistic jewelery as you can see above. I started wearing some very light accessories and it feels very good. I think it is very nice for the daily working life because it is not heavy, and not very showy. Discrete but elegant (that’s what we want, right?).

Hope you like it!


Ok, this one is not the most discrete ever (kind of noisy) but I must say I love those these little charms! Malek Farhat’s Pic

Love these ASOS rings, discovered @ etpourquoipascoline’s blog So nice.

Have been crazy about tiny tiny rings..  Pandora has some very nice ones!


Simple little bracelet to wear with your watch 😉

Do you wear accessories like these?