Dear Sun, please come back

Hi guys!

I hope your week started the best way. My day was okay, but could have been better if it was a bit warmer outside! I miss warm temperatures, and want to let go all the chunky sweaters until next october! šŸ˜‰

Today I decided to share with you some very cute pink outfits that just look super girly and preppy to me. I hope you like those.


Kate Spade Doghnut Sweater


These different shades of pink look so cute!


Finally, I think black&white + a touch of color is the perfect go to outfit for Spring! Love that scarf!



Valentine’s Day in your Plate!

Today’s Song! (Please, tell me you can listen to this without singing… Ā IMPOSSIBLE)

Happy Wednesday everyone!

As you know today is all about sharing yummy recipes with you!

As I am kind of making a Valentine’s day series on my blog, I scrolled down my pinterest board of recipes and decided to pick up everything that was pink/purple/red – well everything “Vday colored” (or almost everything)!

I hope you will like this and why not make it!

First of all, I put together all these different ways to eat beet – I personnally really love this vegetable!


Get the recipe here!


Get the recipe here!


Get the recipe here!

Then, I wanted to share with you this delicious looking salad that conains pomegranate. I ā¤ POMEGRANATE. Really.


Get t recipe here!

But what’s the main problem with that fruit? Preparing it to eat it, right?

Well, let me tell you: that will not be a problem anymore. See how here!


& last but certainely not least – a yummy stuff to do with strawberries!


Get the recipe here!

Let me tell you.. I am SO hungry right now…



Vday Fever #1


As promised in my Weekly Plan post, today is Monday which means FASHION POST!

Okay, I have to confess, I have been crazy about pink and red combo. Unexpected for some, Ā classic for others, I personally never tried it (but may give it a try for the first time this month!).

Well, it is useless to tell you that this color combo is super inspired by all the Valentine’s day fever going all around us.

And regarding Vday’s topic, i will be posting about it quite often until the 14th. So I hope you are excited for that.

If some of you are super curious and can’t wait until the next Vday posts, I can tell you some P&F secrets: playlists, DIY, dates ideas and other fun stuff will be featured in this new series.

Tell me if you ever tried red and pink together!


The super stylish Carrie (pic found here)


A very nice flowy dress from Oscar de la Renta


Emma Stone who paired her outfit with some nude shoes


I ā¤ that skirt from JCREW, do adorable!


Even Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere agrees with that color combo!


If too scared to try these combination, you can add simple touched of color like the polka dots on this umbrella.


Well, my conclusion is that I will be definitely rocking (try to) these colors together!



Keep the good work.

Today’s Song!

Hello guys! As I told you some posts ago, I had two crazy weeks of work at college. The biggest effort is behing me but I still have some things to do.
Anyway, I wanted to let this posted for any other person who might be in the same situation as I am.
If you made a lot of effort into what you have been doing, you will see the fruit of it. So keep the good work!

Some ideas for a cool relaxed look and of course a little sentence to give us some power!

Hope you are having a great week.