Trendy Preppy?

Hello to all! 

Hope that your first days of fall are being great. This season has some strong trends that I’ll talk about (but that I guess a lot of people know already!).
I’ll start with what I ALWAYS called the pied-de-poule (chicken foot) pattern, but I discovered that the english version was houndstooth! That is very funny! 
It is a pattern that I really like! Looking forward having a nice pair of pants or a blazer with it 😉

Until that, I’ll drop here my faves related to this!

Starting with GANT 



Gant, that only the cools wear… hehe (just kidding)

ustin wearing a very nice shirt of them.

Found out this supercute watch on (definitely recommend there nice articles):


What is the english translation for this pattern in your country?