Total Black Look

Mr. Total Black Look.


I’ve flown out from Paris to Porto for these holidays and could not pack many things in my luggage. Plus, as I am a complete disaster when it comes to packing (although reading tons of tips about that) now it appears that I am struggling a lot for putting together some cute outfits. Sigh.

And oh well, when nothing else works, go for a total black look.

Inspo found on Pinterest. Hope you enjoy!

5fb42138b5905d202e3d9a2cfa0fa766What I particularly love about this outfit is the whole texture game. I love the chunky and oversized cardigan. Brings so much to the outfit.


Well here – do I need to a say a thing? YES. DA HAT. Love it.


This one, well. It could be me on a sassy-ish day ūüėČ Love the chunky scarf, the suit and the shoes – need to get my hands on ¬†good pair like this ASAP.

Hope you enjoyed!



S&S (skirts&sneakers)

9a093df147674cd227542e0e1294b3f1*Courtesy of


Just a quick post to share a style that I have been obsessed with for a while now. The one and only, combo: sexy skirt paired with sneakers and a casual top. Sweet mother of Sport Chic! I also listed down below my favorite pairs of sneakers that I am craving right now. #birthdaysoon


Un petit article rapide, juste pour partager avec vous un style qui m’obs√®de depuis un certain temps. Le seul et l’unique, ensemble: jupe sexy port√©e avec des petites baskets et un haut d√©contract’. Bon, je ne peux que dire, Sweet mother of Sport Chic! (ha!) J’ai aussi r√©aliser une petite liste de mes mod√®les de baskets pr√©f√©r√©s – tous¬†au sommet de ma wishlist. #birthdaysoon


Um breve artigo s√≥ para partilhar um estilo que n√£o me tem sa√≠do da cabe√ßa. O¬†grande, o¬†√ļnico, conjunto: saia sexyzinha com umas boas sapatilhas e um top descontra√≠do. Adoro! Criei¬†uma pequena lista dos modelos de sapatilhas de que mais gosto e que est√£o no topo da minha wishlist. #birthdaysoon




FINALS – I Will Survive!

Today’s Song!

Hi guys!

I hope you are all doing fine. This week and the next one are all about finals and hopefully I will graduate from college this year!

I wanted to share with you my go to outfit for these busy days. We still want to look cool, right? ūüėČ

What is your go to outfit for periods like that?

PS: The pieces I own are always mainly from H&M, Zara, local stores etc. However, since I found all these pieces on Polyvore, I am going to tell you the brands in case you want to purchase them! Liked that graph I included? That’s what I deal with! Haha


Jeans: CheapMonday
Tee: TrueReligion
Shirt: TopShop
Flats: Swilden
NoteBook: TopShop

Hope you enjoyed.



Vday Fever #1


As promised in my Weekly Plan post, today is Monday which means FASHION POST!

Okay, I have to confess, I have been crazy about pink and red combo. Unexpected for some,  classic for others, I personally never tried it (but may give it a try for the first time this month!).

Well, it is useless to tell you that this color combo is super inspired by all the Valentine’s day fever going all around us.

And regarding Vday’s topic, i will be posting about it quite often until the 14th. So I hope you are excited for that.

If some of you are super curious and can’t wait until the next Vday posts, I can tell you some P&F secrets: playlists, DIY, dates ideas and other fun stuff will be featured in this new series.

Tell me if you ever tried red and pink together!


The super stylish Carrie (pic found here)


A very nice flowy dress from Oscar de la Renta


Emma Stone who paired her outfit with some nude shoes


I ‚̧ that skirt from JCREW, do adorable!


Even Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere agrees with that color combo!


If too scared to try these combination, you can add simple touched of color like the polka dots on this umbrella.


Well, my conclusion is that I will be definitely rocking (try to) these colors together!



Musings 6!


I hope you all had a great night yesterday. I had the occasion of watching on the news what happenned at midnight all around the world in the main cities. I think we all had some pretty nice images to see last night. I wish you all, a lot of happiness and thank you for all your support during the first month of P&F.

My first post of 2013 is going to be a Musings! As always, 1fashion, 1food, 1fun!


I absolutely loved that picture as soon as I saw it on Pinterest. Love the sunglasses and the super happy expression on her face. That’s how you are suppose to look, reading this article! ūüėČ


Yesterday we had flutes of Champagne, this morning let’s have milk in our flutes, with a super yummy and colorful cookie ūüėČ
Super idea for a sleepover party!
Credits: Pinterest


Ok, now seriously, how cute is this little girl?! I absolutely LOVE this pic! She’s so adorable!
Credits:  Pinterest