Winter Stripes

Hello everyone šŸ™‚

I love my striped tops, and reall enjoy rocking them in the summer time. However I think that they are also very nice to wear in the chiller months as they can immediately brighten up an outfit.

Refinery29*Ā By Refinery29The Cools*Ā By TheCools

How would YOU wear them?

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ā˜¼ Baseball Caps ā˜¼

Today’s Song!

Hello everyone!Ā 

I hope you are all doing fine. Today I wanted to share with you a style that I really love and that I have already talked about in this post. What made me want to create a whole post about this was Briana’s post, that I read yesterday. She made the Colors of the Rainbow Tag – that will be my next post! Get excited because I can’t wait to post it!Ā 

So here are some pics that I found here and there – I absolutely LOVE this style! All pics were taken randomly from Pinterest and Google after typing “Baseball Caps”/”Baseball Cap Outfit”.






ImageI hope you enjoyed! What do you think about this style? Would you wear those hats? How?