Nasty Gal going crazy on velvet. You?

Today’s Song!

Hey guys! I hope you are all having a great week and if your expectations about the week end are cool – remember that we’re almost friday!


Well, a lot of work is waiting for me this week end so, I won’t particularly chill during these two days.. anyway!

I got this email by NastyGal (that I think some of you may have received as well). I love to see the items they have – some of them are really really nice.

The theme of their last mail was velvet clothes and accessories. Actually, I’ve been kind of into it lately. Until now, I didn’t really like velvet (well first because it was not that trendy so I’d look like a freak but also -) because I didn’t like the feeling of it when I touched it. This didn’t really changed but I think it’s really delicate and cute for winter. So I selected a few items where the velvet is not a lot in contact with your fingers (does this bother somebody else?) but that are still really really cute. Can you guess which item is my fave?

Sans titre 1

Sans titre 3

These loafers are not by nasty gal, I just randomly googled “velvet loafers” but I think they’re pretty cute. I’m planning on getting a pair of black velvet ones and then put my initials on them. One letter on each shoe – is that exciting or what?!

Sans titre 2

Ok, if you didn’t guess it yet, this one is my fave! I love love love it! If anyone who’s planning on giving me a gift for christmas sees that – here you go ONE IDEA FOR P&F’s XMAS GIFT! šŸ˜€

For the one who are not subscribed to NastyGal newsletter, here is the link to the page where I found these articles!

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Where did you put my hat, dear?


Today’s Song!

Today I decided to share my selection of favorite hats for this fall/winter season.

I really like hats, I think they are so chic (and useful). Very charming šŸ˜‰

Would you use one of them? These models and pictures are from ASOS.COM or NASTYGAL.COM



And obviously, there has to be a funny part…

Have a great week! Feel beautiful and be happy.