Dear All,

As you may remember from my previous post, I recently started an internship (hence the lack of posting – which I’m really sorry about and will try my best to change).

I really enjoy what I am currently doing but as it always happens, as much as you love what you are doing, somedays are just NO-days. You’re tired, something went wrong etc.

I have many little SOS things to do in case the day fails (which I could write about, let me knwo if that is something you would like to read about) and one of them is really listening to music and to the one kind that gives me some energy and strength thansk to its beat or lyrics.

Here are some of the songs that I have been listening essentially last month and that were exactly what I needed for some extra energy.

1. Uptown Funk – Bruno Mars

2. Locked Out Of Heaven – Bruno Mars 

3. Inner Ninja – Classified 

4. Tough Love – Christina Aguilera

5. What Makes a Good Man – The Heavy

6. Shape the World – Tim McNorris

7. Back in the Days – Splendid

What do you think?

I hope you are all doing well and that this playlist will inspire you 😉


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Hi to all!

Nov, 1st: All Saints Day – Holiday in:  Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Croatia, Ecuador, Finland, France, Germany, Guatemala,Hungary, Italy, Lebanon, Lithuania,
Luxembourg, Malta  Mauritius, Mexico, Peru, the Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Seychelles, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland. (ok, my source was Wikipedia, but it works!)

For the ones who were on a Holiday today, I hope you spent a good day in family or having a good time, whatever you were doing.
Personally, I spent the day relaxing and recovering from my very exhausting week so far.
In fact I AM NOT strenching the holiday until the week end and tomorrow is a huge day for me!

For the lucky ones who will be chilling the whole week end but also for the ones who have to go back to school/work tomorrow, I let you some inspiring/motivating images to put you back in a HARD WORKING mood 😉

Hope you are all doing fine! Thanks for stopping by!



For all the ones who have a big day tomorrow, don’t worry, rely on this:


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