Modernize & Loving Faux Fur

I have been loving faux fur details for home decor and especially faux fur blankets. They are perfect to spice up any space, especially bedrooms and living rooms.

I have collaborated with Modernize which is a super nice website that provides solution for home renovation, decor and DIY. Here is their view on faux fur blankets that I completely agree with! Hope you enjoy.

Trend Alert: Faux Fur Blankets

Written by Jane Blanchard
Winter is here, and the perfect home accessory this season is a faux fur blanket! Fur has always
been a classic look that represents warmth and brings a sense of luxury to any room. It’s a fast
growing trend in both the high fashion runway and home decorating. Whether you are updating a vintage living room, or finding a winterizing accent for an ultra contemporary bedroom, or even adding that extra touch of coziness to your shabby chic reading nook, fur has something for everyone.

One of the biggest benefits to fur is that it comes in so many colors, all in natural tones that complement any color scheme! Faux fur can be solid or imitate the natural fur patterns of your favorite animals. With all the available options, it’s not hard at all to find the look to match your already existing pieces. room* By

Take variety to the next step with a range in lengths! Do you want a short and fuzzy feel? Thick and luxe? What about cozy and shaggy for the perfect shabby chic feel? Faux fur can be found in many styles, giving you a ton of options to express yourself.

extrarouge.tumblr living room* By extrarouge via tumblr

One of the easiest ways to incorporate your faux fur blanket into your living room is to drape it. Like pictured above it brings texture to any furniture piece. It’s absolutely perfect for curling up with a book and mug of hot chocolate in front of a fireplace. When the snow falls, you’ll know that you’re nice and cozy with your blanket.

theaestate.tumblr - bedroomBy theaestate via Tumblr

The most obvious place to put a blanket is in a bedroom. Never fear, faux fur can still be unique! It’ll be a nice break from everyday flannels and quilts and bring a glamorous feel to any bed set. Faux fur is also for the romantic, bringing a soft feel that sets the perfect mood for a nice long cuddle session. Whether you are using the blanket as an accent or covering your entire bed, fur will keep you super cozy at night.
Tip: Pair it with a cozy knit blanket for added texture. layering fur and knit* By

So what happens when the winter season is over? Faux fur blankets will still look fabulous outside. It’ll ward out the cold on those breezy spring days where you want to bask in sunshine even though the temperature might not be ideal. Fur can add some fun to the smooth and sleek textures typically found in outdoor furniture. When the weather gets warmer, you can move your favorite setup right outside to your porch and enjoy the fresh scents of spring! living room* By

For more ideas and inspiration for your home check out Modernize.