Funny Socks, Ladies and Gentlemen? A Yes For Me.

Hello dear Ladies and Sirs,

I wanted to write a quick post to share a trend that I really like as it shows some personality with a touch of fun.

I am referring to funny/patterned socks peaking out of one’s outfits. I think it works wonders wether it is worn by men or women (plus it is an excellent conversation starter šŸ˜‰ ).


The only thing is that I like the designs and colors to be pretty subtle hence some difficulty to browse on the internet looking for the perfect pics to share here. Happy Socks have some very nice models – and I highly recommend checking out their website.

I decided to share some of the patterns that I like the most – let me know which one is your favorite and which other ones would you wear!

I think they look super cute with a smart outfit such a suit for men or casual smart – such as some nice pants and a blazer. Same for women. I also think one can rock them in a very casual day with rolled up jeans and a cute sweater. All very discreet to make your socks the focus of the whole look.


Plus guess what? You can wear matching socks with your loved ones. Cheesy? Don’t care. Love.

Cheers everybody!



World Cup over, let’s stay together

Dear all,

Not quite the soccer addict here, but I have to confess that I admire the power and position of this industry – as a business but also as a culture. Ā Millions of ā‚¬ are traded everyday thanks to it and millions of people gather to look at the same images whenever a game takes place.

This impact is particularly important when international teams meet such as in this year’s World Cup.

Competition may have raised some tensions around the world (among many other important ones), but it also brought people together and highlighted the beauty of sharing cultural differences – which is an area that I particularly love.

I had to share this song, Ā becauseĀ I love these lyrics that bring a true feeling of international unity, something we need to fight for. Particularly in such an unstable World as the one we live in.

Put your flags up in the sky
And wave them side to side
Show the world where you’re from
Show the world we are oneĀ 

Let’s make this World a beautiful place.




Today’s Song!

Hello everyone!

Well, as we are at the beginning of the month, we need to make some changes and get a fresh start!

I have been really absent from my blog because a lot has been going on these last two month. But this is slowly but surely changing!

I think I’m going to start a new series called: Miss/Love/Excited. And yes, the name is not that awesome, I am still trying to think of a better name.
The point is: sharing with you something that I have been missing, something that I am currently loving and something that I can’t wait/excited for! This can be anything!

Let’s get started šŸ˜€



I miss seing these two together and GG so much!



I am currently loving WHITE nail polish! It has been my favorite during Spring!



To get rid of exams, and finally enjoy Summer and the BEACH!



Remember this Ad?

Hello everyone!



Today I wanted to share with you an old ad that I used to love love love. It is the Coco Chanel (yes, once again) ad with Keira Knightley. She is so beautiful as always, the music is amazing and all the atmosphere is really unique.

So here is the famous vintage ad! Remember? So jazzy and chic!

But there is more! & This is my favorite part!

Hope you liked it!




Today’s Love song!

Hi again!

I hope you are all doing GREAT.

I am super excited about Valentine’s day approaching, I think that it is so cool to have a special day where you get to tell everyone you love… well that you love them!

So do it! Personally, I am the kind of person who don’t have problems in saying to others that they are important to me, and that I like/love them very much. But i know that is not everyone’s case. However it is important to let who counts for you the most know what you really feel, and remind it as often as possible. At least that is my point of view. šŸ˜‰

Even if it is in a fun way! We don’t need to be “Blah, I love you and I almost want to cry..” – Please.

I let you some cute and fun DIYs for that special event!



ByĀ (Check her blog – it is awesome!)



Found atĀ