Today’s Love song!

Hi again!

I hope you are all doing GREAT.

I am super excited about Valentine’s day approaching, I think that it is so cool to have a special day where you get to tell everyone you love… well that you love them!

So do it! Personally, I am the kind of person who don’t have problems in saying to others that they are important to me, and that I like/love them very much. But i know that is not everyone’s case. However it is important to let who counts for you the most know what you really feel, and remind it as often as possible. At least that is my point of view. šŸ˜‰

Even if it is in a fun way! We don’t need to be “Blah, I love you and I almost want to cry..” – Please.

I let you some cute and fun DIYs for that special event!



ByĀ tangerinetote.com (Check her blog – it is awesome!)



Found atĀ www2.fiskars.com




Hello everyone!

I am very excited to share with you for the VERY FIRST TIME my own DIY!

This is a very simple DIY that you can make for yourself or to give to someone, decorate your room, make for valentine’s day, hide some ugly stuff on your walls or create a frame where you can put a picture collage on it! I mean there are plenty of things you can do with that!






& There is the “printable frame”, you just have to cut it and use it for whatever you want.

Sans titre 2

I hope you like it & tell me if you want me to post more of my DIYs!



Eyelashes DIY

Hi guys!

No.. this is not a DIY to grow your eyelashes or anything like that… However it is the perfect post for the ones who love eyelashes & DIY’s!

This is kind of a random post where I picked some things that I have been liking and want to create!

So let’s see what we got there!


I have been loving this picture for so so long now! When I first saw it on Pinterest I kind of did not know what to think about it because it striked me so much, but then I realize that this girl is just amazingly beautiful. What stroke me is actually gorgeous! It is this bold eye look that she has, I mean come on! Her eyes, eyelashes, eyebrows are so so nice! This picture is really simple but I really love it. I wish I had such an amazing picture of myself. Amazing.


Now few days ago, I saw this picture while looking for some DIYs on Pinterest! I just thought this little project was so cool and I am actually thinking about putting it on the wall behind my bed. I think it is going to look very cute. NOW I NEED YOU MY DEAR READERS, my bedroom is white and kind of a champagne color, so I don’t really know what colors I should use for this.. I mean pink is definitely a great color when it comes to representing a heart.. (duh) but I think I am going to get bored after a while. I have some silver touches as well, so I thought replacing the gold paper on the DIY with a silver one. Then for the 2 other colors I really don’t know.. I mean white paper on the white walls is going to look strange. I thought about a very pale baby green as I have flowers a lot of time around my bedroom (and they always have at least their leaves that are green). But I don’t really know. I need your help to pick 3 colors! Please let your suggestions in the comments!


Now ladies and gentlemen.. the most expected, the amazing, the funnieeeeeeest EYELASHES EYE MASK! *tadaa*
How cool is this eye mask? I mean you can take all your make up off before you go to bed and not be afraid of looking bad when you sleep (bold eyelashes style – oh yea). I saw this one at Claire’s today and I think it is still available (at least in their website it is). Love it!
I think I am going to buy a very simple eye mask and then DIY to get to this style. Or maybe buy it. I’ll see!

Hope you like these little eyelashes/DIY stuff!