Discovery: John Woodbridge – Paris


Today I wanted to share a small shop in Paris that I discovered last month. My cousin spotted it right away and as soon as I got in I was completely in love with the store.

It’s called John Woodbridge and sells amazing vintage looking travel and sport items.

This company which is quite recent (2013) aims to spread the love of vintage objects that are full of history.

Over there, you’ll find amazing leather pieces for travelling or old looking baseball balls among any others.

Here are some pics from their website.


basbeall ball

basketball ball

The whole atmosphere of the store is gorgeous, it has this kind of man cave vibes to it that I find super charming.

If you are ever in the lovely area of St Paul in Paris, I highly recommend you check it out.

PS: And if you are really into vintage sports like this, check out their tumblr page which will be an absolute delight for you! Well done!



Keep the good work.

Today’s Song!

Hello guys! As I told you some posts ago, I had two crazy weeks of work at college. The biggest effort is behing me but I still have some things to do.
Anyway, I wanted to let this posted for any other person who might be in the same situation as I am.
If you made a lot of effort into what you have been doing, you will see the fruit of it. So keep the good work!

Some ideas for a cool relaxed look and of course a little sentence to give us some power!

Hope you are having a great week.