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Hey 🙂

As my internship (that I was mentionning (here), ended, I thought that it would be nice to share some tips about what makes a work environment nice and productive to me. These are my personal thoughts, don’t hesitate in sharing yours!

big picturee

* By: Pinterest
N.B: Beautiful natural light, lovely mood boards and amazing furniture.

1. The most important thing to me is LOVING WHAT YOU DO

2. The second most important thing is ENJOY WORKING WITH YOUR COLLEAGUES

If at least one of these conditions is not true for you, unless you really need the job right now, I am telling you – you deserve way better and WILL be so much happier.

Once these conditions are completed, here are some bonuses that make everything special to me:

* Natural Lighting
The office needs to have as much natural lighting as possible. It is essential to see everything very clearly, and getting good energy from the sunlight. Light is important for the room but also for your tech. Meaning, you have to be careful your computer and tablets are not too bright or too dark for you. Everything has to be really well balanced for you to stay focus all along the day.

* Minimal Style
This is personal, but as in interior design in general – I love minimalism. White is THE color for me along with light colored wood and black. I also like very clean and straight lines as far as furniture goes.

* #GoodVibesOnly
As I was saying, enjoying the atmosphere at work is essenital and way more important than all these elements. But I am a huge believer in Feng Shui too. And although I am not an expert, I can definitely feel when the vibe of the room seems a bit off (or maybe it’s just in my head!). Read some more about Feng Shui and offices here.

* Good Furniture
Well OBVIOUSLY. A comfy chair and a wide desk – tall enough for me to cross my legs (does anybody else ever felt annoyed by that lack of space sometimes?)

* Creative Inspiration
I am a very creative person and I genuinely feel bad when I am not fed with creativity. It can come from many different things that I need to be able to see from time to time during the work the day. This can be flowers, pictures, brands, photoshoots, magazines, people among many others!
This is mainly why I love keeping flowers at my desk, they enhance my creativty and contribute to a beautiful desk. But I also enjoy having a inspirational pannel not too far away but at the same time that will not look cluttery and distract me when I need to be focused on other things. That’s why I love the inspo boards on the pictures I selected because they are quite tidy and dont get in your way.

* Miscellaneous
– /!\ Sticky notes lover. Every kind. Keeping the serious ones for serious notes, and the funnier ones to bring some smiles on my colleagues’ faces 🙂
– A cute mug
– Some drawers and nice folders to keep everyhting very tidy. I am a very messy person but when it comes to my work I am quite organized and although I can get messy throughout the day, I won’t leave with my desk looking like a sample of the Revolution.
– Figure out your agenda – paper? Google Calendar? Outlook? Still figuring this out, but personally loved using outlook in the company I used to work at to schedule meetings with my team.
– And of course, a good calendar to always keep track of upcoming projects and mid-long term deadlines.

flowerzzzz* By: Pinterest
Flowers. ❤ 

PicMonkey Collage

Now that I don’t work anymore I’m slowly getting ready for back to school season as I will start a new degree.

I still love to get hard-working and creative atmosphere in cool cafés and coworking spaces. If you are in the States, I would highly recommend you checking out WeWork. It is a fast growing company, recognised worldwide by its quality. They’ve got so many great co-working locations! Can’t wait to have them here in Paris!  #PLEASE?!



Decorate with what?!

Today’s Song!

Hi guys!

Today I will suggest to all of you an idea of decoration that you might have never thought of. But first let me contextualize this little story for you.

Relevant fact #1 – I have this huge white wall in front of my bed – don’t know what to do with it
Relevant fact #2 – Just found a little scarf with the American flag in one of my mom’s drawer (we all love to see the cute stuff our mothers own!)

So today, I was looking at that scarf.. it had such a squared shape, I was like.. is this a scarf? a flag? And to see if it was a flag, I put it against the wall.. and then…


What if I used flags to decorate that big wall ?!!

 I think that’s a great idea, because the main problem that I have when trying to think about a piece of art or so to put on these walls is that I am afraid of getting tired of it.
But I’ve always loved travelling, be in contact with different cultures and of course english speaking countries! As you may know I am european but I love the USA and the UK.
The brand Gant characterizes itself like so: “Combines the traditional American style with an European flair“.


Guys.. that’s me! And I think those countries kind of illustrate that as well. 🙂

Get inspired! Think about your country and/or countries that you like! Let’s share!



Funny Friday

Hi guys!

I am so sorry  I have been completely inconsistent regarding posting on my blog. I am back to school since last week and things are not really stable yet.

I try my best to keep you updated with all the news that I find on the web and cool stuff that I want to share with you.

I will catch up my post that should have been posteed yesterday – FUNNY FRIDAY!

Some days ago, (definitely recommend you check it out), posted all those funny quotes from Toddlers and Tiaras. I must say, i don’t really agree with that show, because it put such a big pressure on little girls and most of the time don’t teach them the right atitudes… Anyway, what I want to say is that, this post is not ABOUT the show, but I thought some of those quotes so cute and fun! Hope ou like them!

Have a good laugh!

535850_10151462707335622_64932140_n meanwhile-on-toddlers-tiaras-l-ooyprv toddlers-and-tiaras-tlc-funny-meme-been-doing-beauty-pageants-for-16-years-i-think tt

Which one is your fave?



Need a new bag? DIY

Hello everyone!

Today I decided to make a very quick post sharin with you two sources where you can find how to make your own bag. I think these ones are very cute, useful and so fun to make.

3, 2, 1, Let’s be creative!

The cutie Ingrid,

Sans titre 1

One of the best DIY’s website I found on the last days,




Eyelashes DIY

Hi guys!

No.. this is not a DIY to grow your eyelashes or anything like that… However it is the perfect post for the ones who love eyelashes & DIY’s!

This is kind of a random post where I picked some things that I have been liking and want to create!

So let’s see what we got there!


I have been loving this picture for so so long now! When I first saw it on Pinterest I kind of did not know what to think about it because it striked me so much, but then I realize that this girl is just amazingly beautiful. What stroke me is actually gorgeous! It is this bold eye look that she has, I mean come on! Her eyes, eyelashes, eyebrows are so so nice! This picture is really simple but I really love it. I wish I had such an amazing picture of myself. Amazing.


Now few days ago, I saw this picture while looking for some DIYs on Pinterest! I just thought this little project was so cool and I am actually thinking about putting it on the wall behind my bed. I think it is going to look very cute. NOW I NEED YOU MY DEAR READERS, my bedroom is white and kind of a champagne color, so I don’t really know what colors I should use for this.. I mean pink is definitely a great color when it comes to representing a heart.. (duh) but I think I am going to get bored after a while. I have some silver touches as well, so I thought replacing the gold paper on the DIY with a silver one. Then for the 2 other colors I really don’t know.. I mean white paper on the white walls is going to look strange. I thought about a very pale baby green as I have flowers a lot of time around my bedroom (and they always have at least their leaves that are green). But I don’t really know. I need your help to pick 3 colors! Please let your suggestions in the comments!


Now ladies and gentlemen.. the most expected, the amazing, the funnieeeeeeest EYELASHES EYE MASK! *tadaa*
How cool is this eye mask? I mean you can take all your make up off before you go to bed and not be afraid of looking bad when you sleep (bold eyelashes style – oh yea). I saw this one at Claire’s today and I think it is still available (at least in their website it is). Love it!
I think I am going to buy a very simple eye mask and then DIY to get to this style. Or maybe buy it. I’ll see!

Hope you like these little eyelashes/DIY stuff!



Guest Blogger – ARABELLA

Hello everyone! It’s a pleasure for me to introduce my first blogger guest ever – Mere from ! Follow her if not already because her blog is amazing!

Without waiting any longer let’s jump into the Q&A!


Hello! My name’s Mere and I write Arabella ( I may be short, but I make up for that in my personality- read on for more!


Thank you preppyandfunny for having me on to guest post! I love your blog and I can’t wait to see what else is in store for you!

How old are you (if appropriate)? I’m 16 going on 17. (Sound of Music reference right there)

What do you do (study, work)? I go to school.

Where do you live? I live in the state of happiness. Hehehehe. But really.

If you had to live somewhere else where would it be? If I could live anywhere else, it would be New York City, and I hope to live there soon…… J

Do you have pets? Yes. My baby’s name is Charlie. (shh….he’s my boyfriend!)

Sans titre 1

Tell us one dream you have! I really want to be a fashion journalist- which is something I’m kind of doing right now! But, I would like to work for a fashion magazine.

Add something that you find very funny!

Okay now we know you a bit better! 😉

Why did you start blogging? I discovered the world of youtube beauty gurus last summer and was like wooahhh I want to do that! But, I really wasn’t into the whole camera thing, so I decided to make a blog. One of the best decisions ever.

Why did you choose that topic you write about? Originally I wanted to be a makeup blogger, but after realizing that I’m not very good at makeup, so I changed into more of a fashion blog. But, I write my blog on what pops into my head, so it’s kind of whatever I want: music, Dance Moms, lipstick, nail polish. I’m open to all ideas though!

For how long have you been blogging? In all I’ve been blogging for 3 years on and off. But on Arabella, 4 months. It’s a baby blog!

Are you present in another form in the web (another website, youtube?) Yes, I am. My pinterest-, My and I’ve got a youtube, but I don’t use it much

What are your next projects? I don’t know! But I want to do a Valentine’s Day Lookbook, and a Late Winter Lookbook! Other than that, I will continue to do my weekly Live Blogging for Dance Moms.

What do you like the most about preppy and funny? The Musings. They are literally genius, and really combine all worlds of blogdom. If you haven’t seen them, then girlfriend get a move on!

Tell P&F something you never said in your blog…hehe I still haven’t told my parents about my blog. I seriously have no idea what they think I’m doing in my room on Sunday afternoons…SAT maybe? Probably.

Include a picture here of something random but that tells a lot about you! I’ve got a small obsession.

Sans titre 2


Hope you liked it! Thank you so much Mere to make her laugh and share some stuff with us. I had a great time reading this and think that you are really cool! 🙂

If you are a blogger and would like to be the next guest, leave a comment below or send me an email at



DIY – Spice up your Sweater!

Today’s Song!

Hey guys!

How are you doing?

I realized that it’s been a while since the last time I posted a DIY activity. Today I give you a few suggestions to customize your sweaters!
These pics are from Pinterest so, you may have seen them already. I really hope this post can inspire you though. 😉


You should know I’m SUPER obsessed with sweater with these huge letters! I think it is so cool to have the first letter of your name right there – BAM!
I actually made some sweaters like that ( I don’t have any pics yet because I have to finish sewing them – but they came out really nicely.) The way I proceeded to create those sweaters was to print out the letter that I wanted. Size: As big as you can in a A4 page format. Font: I personnaly used this one, you only have to download it and then type on Microsoft Word, the letter you want to print out.
After you printed out, cut it. That pattern will guide you to cut out the letter on a felt material that you can find in any craft store. Once you have it, place it wherever you want on the sweater and sew! I don’t really advice you to glue it because I don’t think it will last after washing etc.
Please send me pics on my facebook page if you try it or if you already have done one! I’m so curious to see and get inspired by you guys! 😀


Credits: Pinterest


Credits: Pinterest

These two sweaters have very nice animal print details on them. I really think these are great spots to add a little something to your sweater. It can be beads, pearls, sequins, studs… or just another piece of fabric. Maybe from some other clothes that you don’t use? Have a look, New Year is a great moment to clean and organize all your closet! 😉


I found this picture surfing on Pinterest and you can see the whole tutorial here. I think this combination of little details gives a tribal touch to the sweater which I love!

I hope you found this useful or at least that it inspired you a little bit and made your day a little bit brighter.

Thank you for all your support and your very nice New Year wishes!