Hello everyone and happy Saturday!

I decided to create a new series of posts which will be my monthly wishlists! I am super excited about that and hope that you will find some cool ideas for you and/or your friends or be inspired by some of the items that I post. 

All the articles that will be posted, are also on my pinterest board Wishlist, and are sometimes linked to the webiste where you can actually find it. Others may be completely random.

I wish you a very nice week end! 


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Things to do with Candy Canes!

Today’s XMAS Song!

Hello everyone!

I’ve never talked about that in any post but I am crazy about candy canes. Unfortunetly I live in Portugal actually and we don’t have that (I may have found some place where I can get it.. but you see my point – it is that hard to find candy canes here!)

During the last months I saw some amazing pictures around the web of very cool stuff that you can do with candy canes (beveradges, candies, snacks etc).
I hope you’ll like my selection and please let me know and share if you’re trying one of these!

Happy Holidays!





Work perfectly to sprinkle or stir your hot cocoa. [pinterest]


You can also try this recipe from http://www.cherylstyle.com, or just keep the idea of a cranberry/sprite/sparkling water/grenadine cocktail and add a cool candy cane 😉 [check out this amazing website]

luluthebaker.blogspot.pt christmas-peppermint-oreo

This recipe I found on http://luluthebaker.blogspot.pt/. Basically, it consists in dipping oreos into white melted chocolate and then sprinkle with crushed candy canes! [yummy – super cool website as well!]


Same style, but now, dipping marshmallows into milk/black chocolate and then sprinkle with crushed candy canes! [pinterest]

Colorful DIY’s for Xmas Presents!

Hey guys! 

I realized it’s been a while since the last time I posted a DIY, so I decided to post 3 DIY in a row!

These are super easy to do and pretty cool to give as presents to your friends and family. 

Hope you enjoy them and that they will inspire you!




This may be the less easy to do. Actually I already talked about it in my previous post. If you can find a place where to buy cool initials, then you only have to apply them on top of a plain pair of loafers! I think it’s super cool.



For this one, all the steps are explained in the picture. What I like about this DIY is that you can draw really evertything you like and adapt it to all kind of events! For this season, some holiday themed stuff will be so fun to draw!



Finally, this one is super easy and gives a really nice and dressy effect. You just have to take a bunch of dollar store beaded necklaces, some rhinestone trim, knot together, and voilà!


Almost December? XMAS GIFTS!

Today’s XMAS Song!

Hello everyone! Today is November, 28th and I’m getting so excited for Christmas!

There is only one thing that I don’t like during this holiday: decorating the house + buying all the christmas presents in a rush. I think both of these activities can be so good, but you really have to be in the mood to enjoy them. SO: no stress, and let’s start thinkng about the perfect presents for our family and friends RIGHT NOW!

I discovered this year, a lot of pinterest pages with christmas wish lists, and they really do inspire you (definitely recommend you to type “christmas list pinterest” or “christmas wish list pinterest” on Google. Plus, since we’re not in the best economical period (especially in Europe) I think all the DIY activites can be a great solution for some super cute and customer friendly gifts!

Do you have other ways of getting inspired for Xmas gifts?

What are you asking Santa this year? Can wait to read about it!

Thank you so much for your support, you guys are the best.