Juicy Fruit!

Hi guys!

I was scrolling down on Tumblr (follow me here!) when I saw an amazing pic of pomegranate! One of my favorite fruits! So yes, I decided to post about all my favorite fruits.

I know this is not the most exciting one.. but come.. just take a look at all those pics.. aren’t they amazing? AND delicious?

– Not responsible if you suddenly want to rob your grocery store! haha –




watermelon (1)

Sans titre 1

You may notice that these are all very juicy fruits.. which leads me to share with you one of my fave gums!





Today’s Love song!

Hi again!

I hope you are all doing GREAT.

I am super excited about Valentine’s day approaching, I think that it is so cool to have a special day where you get to tell everyone you love… well that you love them!

So do it! Personally, I am the kind of person who don’t have problems in saying to others that they are important to me, and that I like/love them very much. But i know that is not everyone’s case. However it is important to let who counts for you the most know what you really feel, and remind it as often as possible. At least that is my point of view. šŸ˜‰

Even if it is in a fun way! We don’t need to be “Blah, I love you and I almost want to cry..” – Please.

I let you some cute and fun DIYs for that special event!



ByĀ tangerinetote.com (Check her blog – it is awesome!)



Found atĀ www2.fiskars.com



Musings 9

Hi guys! Welcome to one more Musings Post!

As awlays, you know the rule: sharing, one thing fashion, one thing fun, one thing food!






I love love love this look. The baseball shirt paired with some sophisticated heels. Perfect.



Amazing idea! 100% Fruit snacks! Definitely worth taking a look! Here.


No need to comment. It is back to school time guys!




Musings 8!

Today’s Song

Hello! As the title suggests (very explicitly), today is a Musings post! Enjoy šŸ˜‰



I think this shirt is amazing and those frekles make me so jealous! I want the same customized shirt!



Well, you should know that I have been crazy about making juices. I discovered that we had an old juicer at home (that works perfectly because it has almost never been used) and did not stop making juices since then. Yesterday, I found this link with some very cool recipes that I really recommend to check out. Here.



WAW – that is a cute little girl! I actually chose to post this one because I freaked out when I saw this pic. It just looks like a mini actual me (I have darker hair though). I mean those glasses and this Ā messy bun + the fact that she is holding a book (I am always hollding a book or some notes when I am arround my university). So so cute. Hope that made you smile (and hope you are listening to the song! :p).



Yummy kind of Healthy Snacks


Well.. I cannot lie to you. These are not going to be the most healthy snacks ever, but the main idea is that they are something else than chips/candies/cookies (well and they are not BAD for you) .

Before getting more hungry let me show these little treasures!


This one is the most healthy snack that I am going to share today. I looove cucumbers! Actually for people who like cucumbers this is not an unusual snack so I should have no reason to be sharing this like crazy. But the fact is that when I saw this pic I realized that it had been a while since the last time I ate some! And OMG… with salt and pepper.. maybe a touch of squeezed lemon.. HUMM!
So if you want to go healthy, there you go!

new style

Now a bit less healthy but definitley the coolest to eat in front of your TV šŸ˜‰ – ROASTED ALMONDS! HOW YUMMY IS THAT?
I absolutely love almonds, pecan, nuts, pistachios. I cannot say anything more because I am starting to get very very hungry.
I never tries almonds roasted with rosemary but I am sure they are delicious! Definitely need to make some (here).


Now moving to SWEET POTATOE! I am cra-zy about sweet potatoes. I think it is just so good and perfect for the fall/winter time. I usually eat them in a very simple way with with meat meals. But what if, I spiced them a bit following these steps?


Keeping the sweet potatoe theme, I also found this very cool way of eating them! Check it out here.

& Now I think I need to go cook dinner.