Hi to all!

Nov, 1st: All Saints Day РHoliday in:  Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Croatia, Ecuador, Finland, France, Germany, Guatemala,Hungary, Italy, Lebanon, Lithuania,
Luxembourg, Malta  Mauritius, Mexico, Peru, the Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Seychelles, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland. (ok, my source was Wikipedia, but it works!)

For the ones who were on a Holiday today, I hope you spent a good day in family or having a good time, whatever you were doing.
Personally, I spent the day relaxing and recovering from my very exhausting week so far.
In fact I AM NOT strenching the holiday until the week end and tomorrow is a huge day for me!

For the lucky ones who will be chilling the whole week end but also for the ones who have to go back to school/work tomorrow, I let you some inspiring/motivating images to put you back in a HARD WORKING mood ūüėČ

Hope you are all doing fine! Thanks for stopping by!



For all the ones who have a big day tomorrow, don’t worry, rely on this:


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