Happy November + Chatting Time


Hello everyone, I hope you all had an amazing Halloween night – I personally did not do much but had a very pleasant cosy night in.
Let me know about your Halloween costume this year and your plans, I would love to know!
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See you there!


Bonjour à tous! J’espère que vous avez tous passé une excellente soirée d’Halloween et que vous êtes d’attaque pour le mois de Novembre! De mon côté je n’ai rien fais de spécial mais j’ai profité d’une bonne soirée au calme car j’en avais bien besoin. Si vous avez fêté Halloween cette année, dites moi quel à été votre déguisement, j’adorerai savoir!
En attendant, n’oubliez pas que vous pouvez me suivre sur Instagram  @preppyandfunny où je partage des petits moments de ma vie quotidienne qui n’apparaissent pas forcément sur le blog.
En espérant vous y voir!


Olá a todos! Espero que tenham passado uma excelente noite de Halloween e que estão todos preparados para o mês de Novembro! Pessoalmente não fiz grande coisa, fiquei por casa a descansar o que até foi melhor visto que tenho andado muito cansada. Se festejaram o dia das bruxas, digam-me como foram disfarçados – adoraria saber!
Entretanto, não se esqueçam que me podem seguir pelo Instagram @preppyandfunny onde partilho alguns momentos da minha vida de todos os dias que podem não aparecer no blogue.
Espero ver-vos por lá em breve!


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DIY – Spice up your Sweater!

Today’s Song!

Hey guys!

How are you doing?

I realized that it’s been a while since the last time I posted a DIY activity. Today I give you a few suggestions to customize your sweaters!
These pics are from Pinterest so, you may have seen them already. I really hope this post can inspire you though. 😉


You should know I’m SUPER obsessed with sweater with these huge letters! I think it is so cool to have the first letter of your name right there – BAM!
I actually made some sweaters like that ( I don’t have any pics yet because I have to finish sewing them – but they came out really nicely.) The way I proceeded to create those sweaters was to print out the letter that I wanted. Size: As big as you can in a A4 page format. Font: I personnaly used this one, you only have to download it and then type on Microsoft Word, the letter you want to print out.
After you printed out, cut it. That pattern will guide you to cut out the letter on a felt material that you can find in any craft store. Once you have it, place it wherever you want on the sweater and sew! I don’t really advice you to glue it because I don’t think it will last after washing etc.
Please send me pics on my facebook page if you try it or if you already have done one! I’m so curious to see and get inspired by you guys! 😀


Credits: Pinterest


Credits: Pinterest

These two sweaters have very nice animal print details on them. I really think these are great spots to add a little something to your sweater. It can be beads, pearls, sequins, studs… or just another piece of fabric. Maybe from some other clothes that you don’t use? Have a look, New Year is a great moment to clean and organize all your closet! 😉


I found this picture surfing on Pinterest and you can see the whole tutorial here. I think this combination of little details gives a tribal touch to the sweater which I love!

I hope you found this useful or at least that it inspired you a little bit and made your day a little bit brighter.

Thank you for all your support and your very nice New Year wishes!



Boyish Look – Girly Stuff

Hey guys!

I hope you are all spending nice holidays!

Today I wanted to share with you some items which are present in my pinterest wishlist (make sure to follow me there too!) because I took a look at that board today.. and OMG some things are really really cool there – I want them all!

Here we go!


Absolutely love this picture. The expression on her face is amazing and that style is so so cute! I don’t think I ever told you that, but I am crazy about boyish style. Of course, with that kind of outfit you better watch your attitude and your make up, for people to remember that you are a Lady. ;P


This watch is in my Pinterest Wishlist and I think it is absolutely gorgeous. I love the color, and I really like the contrast between the classy watch face and the more sportswear bracelet. NEED IT!


These shoes.. OMG! Super boyish with that girly ribbon touch 😉 There are just perfect to me!


Now this is something funny (of course, I always have to put that little touch of fun!), SALT AND PEPPER MAGIC WANDS! How cool is that?! Add a magic touch and you are good to go!

I hope you liked this selection, tell me what you think of it.

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Hello to all!

Hope you all had a great week and that you are ready to chill during the week end.

Today I decided to post a new article that is going to be the first of  a new category called “Musings…”.

I’ll publish from time to time, a Musings article which will always include 3 tips/suggestions/thoughts about:

– Fashion

– Food and/or Recipes

– Funny stuff

Like the idea? So here comes the first one!


Yesterday I was scrolling down my personnal facebook home page and Zara had shared Malhek Farhat posts that were so so cute and luxiourious. I loved it!
Lately I’ve been crazy about yellow clothes so I have to confess when I saw this little outfit it was just a BIG CRUSH.


 On the other hand, my birthday is approaching really fast, and for this special occasion I decided that I wanted a BIG BIG cake. With several floors, colors and pearls! (Crazy idea?) So, I’ve been googling to get some ideas (because I’m planning on baking my own cake). What I find in general are wedding cakes. But still they are so nice and can give some ideas!


 Finally, for you to smile a little bit, I’ll share something that has been sent to me.

Tard the Grumpy Cat << Watch the video!



Hope you enjoyed it!

See you soon.