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As you can see, I haven’t been the best at blogging over the last few months, I could find a thousand excuses for this but really, I believe that this is due to the content I was publishing until now and that does not correspond to me anymore.

So I want to redirect the content of the blog towards something than is more me, that can help me grow and hopefully help you as well in some ways.

From now on, the blog will focus towards three main themes: Fashion, Lifestyle and Career.

I am passionate about fashion, exploring new trends and expressing myself with what I wear so I will keep sharing my favorite pieces, trends and brands.

I feel like lifestyle is really a buzz word nowadays (but I love it so much!). My personal lifestyle – which I intend to share here – is a beautiful, gentle, sophisticated yet down to earth, and also very fun way of living. I will focus on the material and unmaterial aspects (from what to put in your living room to what you put in your brain).

Finally, the career theme will explore subjects related to a bunch of different careers such as entrepreneurship, marketing, design among others. Hopefully, interviews between amazing professionals and I will inspire you!

We will see how this works out. Let me know your opinion on this, every contribution and collaboration is welcome!


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Preppy (and Funny) Education

Hello everyone!

First of all I’s like to stress that this article is really far away from being a “How to be a prep”. I don’t agree with those tutorials, I just think you are who you are and you only adapt the style that you feel the closest to. Plus, as you may know, I am absolutely not the stereotype of a prep.
With that being said, let’s jump into the article!


Preps start their stylish life really soon…


… As they grow up, they find the perfect match, the perfect friends…


… They keep educating themselves. They learn about etiquette, culture, but also about style…


… But they can’t forget, the real source of happiness. 😉

I personally agree with each ones of the sentences that I wrote above, however, once again this is absolutely not me trying to say “You’re looking for a lifestyle? There you go my friend!” That would be weird, right? hahaha

I hope you enjoyed it and melted in front of that baby body.

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