Furnishing your appartment – ON A BUDGET!


I recently moved to a flat in Paris to get closer to my University. This is the first time I’m living on my own which makes me so excited!

As I love interior design and homewear I am thrilled to start decorating everything and organizing the space the way I want it to be. I can’t wait to have a whole appartment being 100% me!

However, student issues, I need to do that on a budget which constrains me a little me. BUT THAT SHALL NOT BE A PROBLEM! There are so many cool ideas and tips to decorate your flat on a budget – and I have been pinning them all along the years so this is a great opportunity to explore them!

Here is a selection of my moodboard for the flat Рyou can find the rest of it here (I will keep updating it) as well of the rest of my Pinterest boards here!

* Credits: Clothing RackBed

* Credits: Desk Storage

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* Credits: Wall InspoCoffee Table

What are YOUR top tips to decorate on a budget? ūüôā


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I have been spotting some very cool “new year – new you” kind of content over the web and thought they would be cool to share and interesting for some of you!


First of all, some of you may recall from a previous post that I absolutely love the website Levo.com. I stumbled upon this article on 15 Things Incredibly Happy People Do (love that kind of title) and I highly recommend reading it – inspiring for the New Year!

Are you a new year’s resolution type of person? I definitely am.

For the ones like me who like setting goals for the New Year as well as balancing the passed one, I found some very cool printable templates to fill in with your favorite memories/goals/projects etc.

LIST* By Thirthyhandemadedays

lalamer amazing blog

* By Lalamer.com <<– Amazing blog, highly recommend!

Then, photo booth props. Do we need to mention the trend? It’s all over the place. I pinned these DIY projects a while ago and never managed to make them. I finally took the step yesterday night and had so much fun making them.

Find them here and here!

Buzzfeed, also provided a fun read with 21 Ways To Make This New Year’s Eve So Much Better.

I hope you liked these little ideas and projects and hope you have an amazing NYE and an incredible 2015.

Thanks to all the ones who have been following me over the years and especially this last one.

Much love,


Modernize & Loving Faux Fur

I have been loving faux fur details for home decor and especially faux fur blankets. They are perfect to spice up any space, especially bedrooms and living rooms.

I have collaborated with Modernize which is a super nice website that provides solution for home renovation, decor and DIY. Here is their view on faux fur blankets that I completely agree with! Hope you enjoy.

Trend Alert: Faux Fur Blankets

Written by Jane Blanchard
Winter is here, and the perfect home accessory this season is a faux fur blanket! Fur has always
been a classic look that represents warmth and brings a sense of luxury to any room. It’s a fast
growing trend in both the high fashion runway and home decorating. Whether you are updating a vintage living room, or finding a winterizing accent for an ultra contemporary bedroom, or even adding that extra touch of coziness to your shabby chic reading nook, fur has something for everyone.

One of the biggest benefits to fur is that it comes in so many colors, all in natural tones that¬†complement any color scheme! Faux fur can be solid or imitate the natural fur patterns of your¬†favorite animals. With all the available options, it’s not hard at all to find the look to match your¬†already existing pieces.

sfgirlbybay.com room* By sfgirlbybay.com

Take variety to the next step with a range in lengths! Do you want a short and fuzzy feel? Thick and luxe? What about cozy and shaggy for the perfect shabby chic feel? Faux fur can be found in many styles, giving you a ton of options to express yourself.

extrarouge.tumblr living room* By extrarouge via tumblr

One of the easiest ways to incorporate your faux fur blanket into your living room is to drape it.¬†Like pictured above it brings texture to any furniture piece. It’s absolutely perfect for curling up¬†with a book and mug of hot chocolate in front of a fireplace. When the snow falls, you’ll know¬†that you’re nice and cozy with your blanket.

theaestate.tumblr - bedroomBy theaestate via Tumblr

The most obvious place to put a blanket is in a bedroom. Never fear, faux fur can still be unique!¬†It’ll be a nice break from everyday flannels and quilts and bring a glamorous feel to any bed set.¬†Faux fur is also for the romantic, bringing a soft feel that sets the perfect mood for a nice long¬†cuddle session.¬†Whether you are using the blanket as an accent or covering your entire bed, fur will keep you¬†super cozy at night.
Tip: Pair it with a cozy knit blanket for added texture.

designsponge.com layering fur and knit* By designsponge.com

So what happens when the winter season is over? Faux fur blankets will still look fabulous¬†outside. It’ll ward out the cold on those breezy spring days where you want to bask in sunshine¬†even though the temperature might not be ideal. Fur can add some fun to the smooth and sleek¬†textures typically found in outdoor furniture. When the weather gets warmer, you can move your¬†favorite setup right outside to your porch and enjoy the fresh scents of spring!

centsationalgirl.com living room* By centsationalgirl.com

For more ideas and inspiration for your home check out Modernize.


Plants, Life and Design


Hello everyone,

For today’s post I wanted to share some pictures that I have been collecting over the last weeks and that all have one thing in common: they evolve leaves (& you might have guessed, I’m quite the fanatic here). Hope you enjoy this little dose of inspiration.


Salut à tous,

Aujourd’hui je voulais partager avec vous quelques photos que j’ai r√©colt√© par ci par l√† ces derniers temps et qui ont toutes une chose en commun: elles contiennent des feuilles (oui mesdames, messieurs, on l’aura compris, une fanatique est en train de na√ģtre). J’esp√®re en tout cas, que cette petite dose d’inspiration sera de votre go√Ľt et vous donnera des id√©es.


Ol√° a todos,

Hoje gostaria de partilhar com voc√™s algumas fotografias que tenho posto de lado nestes √ļltimos tempos e quem t√™m todas um tema comum: folhas (pois, v√£o se apercebendo que estou a tornar-me um grande f√£!). Espero que gostem desta pequena dose de inspira√ß√£o e que vos d√™ algumas ideias.


*By SundaySuppers HIGHLY recommend
Am I the only one who thinks that this wreath is completely appropriate even for non-holidays time?

jukavo tumblr* By Jukavo (tumblr) <РI think this is brilliant, an amazing DIY to customize your notebooks and cards, a super easy way to express that creativity (I think a huge canvas full of these little branches would be pretty cool) & the perfect doodle for when you are bored!


*By Amelabo <– Not a huge fan of that big wooden cross as a holder, but I must say, I love the idea of that very plain and minimal calendar with all the energy focused on that green pic.



What does 200 stand for?


Ladies and Gentlemen,

This is officially the 200th post I am publishing on P&F! I can’t believe it – I did not notice I had written so much on the blog!

And this number means another special thing for me as I’ve reached 200 likes on Facebook the other day! It is not a lot but it is still another benchmark that I just passed and I am so happy to see P&F developping and getting more and more readers each day.

I sincerely hope everyone is still enjoying very much my content and once again do not hesitate in giving suggestions about what you would like to see next.

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Let’s relive P&F best moments!


Mesdames, Messieurs,

Ceci est officiellement mon 200√®me article publi√© sur P&F! Je n’arrive pas √† le croire – je ne me suis absolument pas rendue compte que j’avais tant √©crit sur le blog!

Mais ce chiffre repr√©sente quelque chose d’autre de tr√®s sp√©cial √† mes yeux, le fait d’avoir pass√© la barre des 200 “j’aime” sur Facebook! Cela peut para√ģtre peu, mais c’est tout de m√™me une √©tape de franchie et je suis vraiment tr√®s heureuse de voir que P&F se d√©veloppe et que le blog conna√ģt tous les jours de nouveaux lecteurs.

J’esp√®re sinc√®rement que le contenu continue de vous plaire (en particulier j’esp√®re que vous appr√©ciez cette petite nouveaut√©: les articles en 3 langues!) mais n’h√©sitez pas √† me donner des suggestions sur le type d’article que vous aimeriez me voir publier davantage.

Si vous ne me suivez pas encore sur Facebook et souhaitez de voir quelques partages d’articles et petits articles exclusif, cliquez sur “j’aime” ici!

Revivez les meilleurs moments P&F!


Senhores e Senhoras,

Este √© oficialmente o meu 200¬į artigo publicado no P&F! N√£o consigo acreditar – n√£o me apercebi minimamente que j√°¬†tinha escrito tantos artigos para o blog!

Mas este n√ļmero¬†representa algo mais para mim, o facto de ter passado o limite dos 200 “gostos” no Facebook! Pode parecer pouco, mas sempre √© um etapa passada e fico mesmo feliz por ver que o P&F continua a desenvolver-se e que todos os dias se juntam mais leitores para seguir o blog.

Espero sinceramente que o conte√ļdo continue de agradar a todos e mais uma vez, n√£o hesitem em deixar sugest√Ķes relativamente ao tipo de artigos que gostariam de ver mais.

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Voltem a viver os melhores momentos do P&F!


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