The 2008 Creative Crisis

Hi Guys!

With all that computer broken events + tests at university going on.. You may have noticed that my schedule of posting has been completely messed up. I am sorry. I cannot promess that things will go back to normal very soon because I can picture my next week in a very busy way with no real time for bloggin. But I’ll do my best!

Well, because I haven’t had time to post, I have been crazy about reading other bloggers especially through bloglovin and Pinterest links. & Guys, I discovered this DIY blog – AMAZING! Well if you are pro DIYers you may already know her. Natalie offers you plenty of ideas for projects to do with very handy objects that you may already have at home!

From what I read until now on her blog, my favorite ideas were those who used shoe boxes. I mean, with such a simple object, look at those amazing ideas to decorate your walls!