How to finally sleep well during those hot summer nights!

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*Have fresh crisp sheets
Is it me or do they ACTUALLY feel cooler?

* Spread lavender scents
They will sooth your mind like nothing else.

* Invest in an electric fan
This is key to have some cool air flowing in the bedroom (if you don’t have AC of course) and another tip is to have prepared the room beforehand by shutting the blinds during the day. This way the room will be fresh when it’s time to go to bed. Heard that leaving a wet towel drying throughout the day was very useful. Let me know if you test this!

* Wear some cute PJ’s
When I was younger I used to sleep with a big t-shirt when it was too hot. But you end up having way more fabric on you than you would have with a cute short and top ensemble.
Plus you’ll look amazing while you sleep which is always a plus, right? 😉

* Keep the tech away
It just adds in some heat. Instead of that, opt for a nice book or a magazine, or just note down your thoughts regarding that day and your plans for the day after (that’s what I have been doing – and I have been loving it – see instagram post here)!

* Reduce the lighting
To prepare for the night and start getting relaxed.

* Put on some smooth music
Same spirit – are you relaxed yet?

* Keep your little peaking out your cover sheets!
There you go, feeling the fresh air from the fan…

I think a big part of feeling less hot and overwhelmed during those very warm nights is really to calm down and make your whole system slow down.

So most of all, R-E-L-A-X


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Musings 4

Today’s Xmas Song!

Hello guys! I’m so sorry I’ve been kind of out of my blog for a few days (sick days and a lot of work are the explanation – nothing really exciting). BUUUT I’m back.

These next two weeks are going to be very tough for me, but I’ll do my best to keep posting to you guys and share the little treasures that I find on my “kind of free” time. 😉

So without waiting any longer, here go my 4th Musing Post!

As you know: 1Fashion, 1Food, 1Fun


So, for my Fashion pic, I selected this one that I found somewhere on Pinterest as usual. The main reason of posting this one is that gorgeous sweater.  I absolutely love that print! It is so.. Winter/Holiday Season! I would definitely wear this with some leggings and boots. Maybe not the one selected, which are very trendy but not really my style.. I do understand though that a lot of people like them and they look so nicely on them. 😀


Next picture which concerns food (yummy, this looks so delicious), is a very simple but nice idea for the next Holidays! This is very simple to do, just pick your favorite brownie or any chocolate cake recipe, cut it into pieces, add some whipped cream on top of it. Arrange your strawberries (washed and cut) place them on the whipped cream and finish with a dot of cream on top. Here you go! Nice little Santa hats that will make the whole family and friends smile. 😀


Well and I couldn’t leave without my funny picture! This is an old scene from the Big Bang Theory, a TV Show that I really really love. Unfortunelty because of this very busy college life, I haven’t been able to watch all the brand new episodes but I CAN’T WAIT to just lounge and enjoy the last 2 or 3 episodes that I’m missing from the new season!

I really hope you enjoy this, thank you for all your support and your kind comments. Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook (here) and I’ll talk to you guys soon!






1st I’d like to thank you all for all your visits and kind comments, it means a lot.

Rule to read this post – If you think you deserve to rest on this nice day, do so. If you are having a thought like “Waw.. It is so late and I’m still in bed, what am I doing?” THEN you should apply this RELIGIOUSLY! Haha 


Hope you have a great day.



Found this pic thanks to my friend Alexandra (here)


Let’s do it!