Musings 6!


I hope you all had a great night yesterday. I had the occasion of watching on the news what happenned at midnight all around the world in the main cities. I think we all had some pretty nice images to see last night. I wish you all, a lot of happiness and thank you for all your support during the first month of P&F.

My first post of 2013 is going to be a Musings! As always, 1fashion, 1food, 1fun!


I absolutely loved that picture as soon as I saw it on Pinterest. Love the sunglasses and the super happy expression on her face. That’s how you are suppose to look, reading this article! šŸ˜‰


Yesterday we had flutes of Champagne, this morning let’s have milk in our flutes, with a super yummy and colorful cookie šŸ˜‰
Super idea for a sleepover party!
Credits: Pinterest


Ok, now seriously, how cute is this little girl?! I absolutely LOVE this pic! She’s so adorable!
Credits: Ā Pinterest



Musings 5!

Hello everyone!

I hope your Christmas Eve went for the best and that you enjoyed your time spent with the one you love and enjoyed your little gifts šŸ™‚

Before having the SUPER CHRISTMAS LUNCH, I wanted to post a quick Musings because I thought it’s been a while since the last one (see the others here, here and here).

For my Fashion Pic of the day:


I have been crazy about winter patterns such as raindeers, snowflakes, and all kinf of geometric patterns such as the ones you can see above. What do you think of them?


I think we are still on time to bake some Holiday cookies, so here goes a suggestion of (very cute) presentation.


Okay guys, I know. This is a winter season and this picture is not really appropriate for it. Plus, my obsession with dogs is kind of creepy. What can I do? There are so cute… AND fun. Come on, wouldn’t you laugh so hard if you found a dog all dress up like this? hahaha

Wish you all the best for these holidays.

I’ll talk to you soon.




Things to do with Candy Canes!

Today’s XMAS Song!

Hello everyone!

I’ve never talked about that in any post but I am crazy about candy canes. Unfortunetly I live in Portugal actually and we don’t have that (I may have found some place where I can get it.. but you see my point – it is that hard to find candy canes here!)

During the last months I saw some amazing pictures around the web of very cool stuff that you can do with candy canes (beveradges, candies, snacks etc).
I hope you’ll like my selection and please let me know and share if you’re trying one of these!

Happy Holidays!





Work perfectly to sprinkle or stir your hot cocoa. [pinterest]


You can also try this recipe from, or just keep the idea of a cranberry/sprite/sparkling water/grenadine cocktail and add a cool candy cane šŸ˜‰ [check out this amazing website] christmas-peppermint-oreo

This recipe I found on Basically, it consists in dipping oreos into white melted chocolate and then sprinkle with crushed candy canes! [yummy – super cool website as well!]


Same style, but now, dipping marshmallows into milk/black chocolate and then sprinkle with crushed candy canes! [pinterest]

Sparkly Holiday Gift Tag Cookies

Hello everyone!

Please go check lezoemusings blog because it is so so awesome. Today she posted about Cookies Gift Tag – Yes we really are talking about eatable gift tags! Isn’t that amazing? I want to do this so badly for the chrismas presents that I’m giving this year! Hope you’ll be inspire by it as well.

Ā ā†’Ā Sparkly Holiday Gift Tag CookiesĀ ā†


Talk to you soon.