Time to Lounge

Hey guys!

First of all I’d like to thank you all for the kind comments and all the support regarding my new award. I wish to continue posting things that you like. So really don’t hesitate in telling me in the coments, what kind of post do you like the most and even suggest ideas if you have some!

As I told you (many times now) after these crazy weeks that I spent studying for college, I’m starting to get more relaxed now. Hopefully tomorrow night I’ll be done with all my work (until the exams).

So I decided to pick up a selection of stuff that I’ve been planning to do but I had absolutely no time to really enjoy doing.

1) Finish decorating my bedroom for christmas!

Ā 2) Bubble bath (I know, one have to be careful with the water spent, but once in a while I think it’s okay) listening to some cool music, and just taking care of yourself during hours and hours šŸ˜€


Ā 3) I can’t forget all the other exciting things to do during this period of the year!


Hope you enjoy my suggestions to relax a little bit during these holidays and hat you actually have time to do them.

I wish you all the best.