Huge Necklaces!

Today’s Song!

Hello to All of you!

Today I decided to write about those huge necklaces that I’ve been very in during the last months!

I am completely crazy about them. As soon as I came back from college, I decided to do this quick research on cute but customer friendly necklaces to share with you guys!

I am the kind of person who really likes dressing with basics colors and patterns. Then I enjoy customizing my clothes with accessorises, this way they never look the same! Summing up – I am crazy about this “new” trend because it pops out whenever you’re wearing something simple (like some jeans, a black t-shirt and some flats) and the more color you add the more I think it looks cute and fun!

I hope you like them! They are all from Forever21 or Newlook.

Which one is your favorite? 🙂