CAREER FOCUS 1/ Garance Doré

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Hi all – hope you’re well 🙂

As I was mentioning in my last post, I am going to introduce more “career” content in here that hopefully will inspire some of you (well, and me).

Garance Doré did an amazing job with her blog as a influencer and blogger.

That’s why when I stumbled upon CGD’s post (overall love the blog and highly recommend you take a look!) revealing some interesting facts about Garance Doré’s career, I had to share it here! Beautiful post.

She left college at 26 and got a job in a cinema, but when she learned what an illustrator did, she threw herself head-first into her work; quitting her job, traveling to Paris to show her sketches to editors, and starting a blog where she could produce an illustration each day.” CAREER GIRL DAILY

What do you guys do or what are your career plans? Let’s all share!


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