Cannes Lions 2015

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So last week were The Cannes Lions in France. For those of you who may not be familiar with these yet, it is the festival where talented creative souls are awarded for some of the best business and marketing ideas you’ve ever seen.

It is basically the Cannes Festival we all know that recompensates movies, except here it focuses on marketing genius and entrepreneurs who were interviewed and talked over last week sharing their amazing vision.

To give you some examples, last year they awarded the 24h video of Happy by Pharrell Williams for their Cyber Category and Sweetie, the young (robot) girl from the Philippines that aimed to find potential pedophiles. That was an incredible initiative.

I wasn’t actually very familiar with this event before this year. I had the opportunity of reading about it this month and though the concept was fantastic and I knew it was going to blow my mind. I mean come on, some of the best creative minds of business concentrated in one event?! Of course I was going to love it.

I didn’t follow the show day by day but spent sometime this weekend on the website to see the different talents that were awarded. OH MY, some of those marketing campaigns were in fact so beautiful and some business ideas amazed so so much.

One that particularly stroke me was What 3 Words. This new concept aims to address the whole world in different combinations of 3 words. They took the globe and divided it in a bunch of 3m² squares – each one having its own combo of words.
In fact they realized some addresses were too confusing (for example different entrances in buildings) and in other case there were just no address at all. We can think about parks, mountains, beach, huge space where people would like to meet. But even more interesting and important is to locate many people in the world who need help and assistance – that is provided with high difficulty because it is so hard to locate them.

Here is a video of this project that I think is truly amazing. Congrats!

I highly recommend you to check out the winners from the previous years, every work is just a wonderful piece of art.

This post was a bit deeper, but I quite enjoy this business side so let me know if this is something you would like to see more!


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