Some Green in That Bathroom

One of my closest friends have a gorgeous bathroom.

The main point: Italian shower. For those of you who might not know what an Italian shower is: picture a closet. Now a walking closet. Ok. Now, picture a shower. The Italian shower is the walking closet. I know!

I love it! I think one can feel a bit claustrophobic while taking a shower but not in these.

Then she opted for a minimal grey decoration, very spa-like. And last but certainly not least, she has a bunch of plants in the bathroom.

Outside the shower, inside the shower, facing the window, facing the mirror. You name it.

It does not look overwhelming at all and looks so natural.

I mean the whole atmosphere, the humid air, the little drops of water running in the shower, the splashes in the sink, all the products smelling amazing… Then when you look at the plants – they just seem to be where they belong.

It is amazing.

Unfortunetely I don’t have pics from her bathroom but I found several ones that pretty much translate this whole vibe I am talking about.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Do you have plants in the bathroom?



10 thoughts on “Some Green in That Bathroom

  1. I never thought about having plants in the bathroom, but I guess it kind of makes sense. I mean, why let all that water go to waste, right? I think in the above photo, the all white tiles provide a great backdrop for the green. Maybe I should think about hanging a potted plant from the ceiling, haha.

  2. Oh God – I would loooove to have bathroom like this! The best way to relax is to take a long bath, but the bathroom has to look awesome, in SPA way – you know what I mean? It;s not only about what you are doing there (I’m still talking about taking bath), but how looks space around you – so you can relax.

    Unfortunatly I have horrible bathroom right now… šŸ˜¦

    • Hahaha I know exactly what you’re talking about! šŸ˜€
      I know, the whole atmosphere has to be let’s say, inviting!

      To me, neutral colors, great towels, lots of free space, some candles and plants are a must. Then if you can add in some luxurious products, or only fancy packaging – you are good to go.

      I hope you ll be able to feel better in your bathroom very soon!

      thanks for your feedback – talk to you soon!


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