Habitat New Collection


For those who don’t know Habitat already, it is a -stunning- french furniture store.

This week, I was hanging out in the strets of Nice (see more here) and stumbled upon Habitat amazing front window. They released a new collection – very minimalistic with such interesting accessories especially for offices which is typically what we are starting to look for at this time of the year.


Habitat does not offer Ikea prices, but they are not much more expensive.

Unfortunetely I don’t think that they ship internationally. I know that you can order online if you live in the UK and in France but I am not sure for the rest.

Here are some of my favorite items & I highly recommend checking their office accessories.

I saw that they also have a blog that looks very nice . I will follow them – as we all know.

It is in French though so if you are looking for some reading in French, there you go.


PS: You can tell I particularly like oak and white, don’t you? 😉

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