The 1 Ingredient Recipe for Productivity

Procrastination. I think it affects every one of us one way or another.

But don’t worry! If you never read the article that I am about to share right now yet, keep calm and let me help you out.

A few months ago I found this amazing article on that introduced me to a very simple rule to stop procrastinating during the less productive days.

Here it goes:

2mn rule

I highly recommend you jump onto this page and read it in more details because it is really good and worth your time 😉



7 thoughts on “The 1 Ingredient Recipe for Productivity

  1. I’m struggling with procrastination from time to time. The worst was always working at home – there were too many things that were distracting me. BUT! Finally I found my way to do some stuff at home. I’m getting up at 6.30 and I’m working before my regular job – in this way I’m feeling, that I have no other option – I have to do this.

    • Thanks for sharing this!
      I’ve been reading everywhere that waking up earlier was DA KEY to success. I just could not find the inner strength to wake up at 6 or before yet.. I’ll give it a try!

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