World Cup over, let’s stay together

Dear all,

Not quite the soccer addict here, but I have to confess that I admire the power and position of this industry – as a business but also as a culture.  Millions of € are traded everyday thanks to it and millions of people gather to look at the same images whenever a game takes place.

This impact is particularly important when international teams meet such as in this year’s World Cup.

Competition may have raised some tensions around the world (among many other important ones), but it also brought people together and highlighted the beauty of sharing cultural differences – which is an area that I particularly love.

I had to share this song,  because I love these lyrics that bring a true feeling of international unity, something we need to fight for. Particularly in such an unstable World as the one we live in.

Put your flags up in the sky
And wave them side to side
Show the world where you’re from
Show the world we are one 

Let’s make this World a beautiful place.




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