May Favorites!

Today’s Song!

Hi guys! So today I am going to share with you my May favorites! I absolutely love watching videos on youtube about it and read what other blogers have been loving. 

I have to warn you, this has not been the most girly month ever… 


1) Blue Bloods – O.M.G, I have been so so obsessed with this! It is not the most famous TV show where I live, but I have been crazy about it. I think I watched the 3 seasons during this month (I know it’s crazy!). 
If you don’t know this show yet and like police/investigation tv shows, with strong family values, this is for you! Here is the trailer! Let me know if you like it! 

2) White Hydrangeas – Well, well, well, I don’t know what has been going on with me this month (probably Spring Fever), I have developed a weird/crazy obsession over flowers (all kind but this one in particular). I mean REALLY. I could not go to any store with flowers in it, without looking at them for like 5mn!

3) Another reference to Coco Before Chanel movie! My first one was in this previous post. I feel like I have been wearing these striped tees (in red and in blue) the whole month. So that’s pretty simple. Hahaha! Okay now seriously, obviously not the whole month. But a LOT! Love wearing them with medium washed jeans and a pair of flats. 

4) And for my music favorite this month (and a lot in April), HOODIE ALLEN. Okay I need to clarify some things, you obviously cannot be too sensitive to hear it – some lyrics are pretty rude. But you know it’s that fun and cool rythm in these hip hop tunes that we like! The lyrics really made me laugh when I first heard them! 

I hope you enjoyed my May favorites, please share yours and/or link to your blogs!



3 thoughts on “May Favorites!

  1. Sadly, I cant comment P and F on watching blogger videos, I don’t have that obsession. Will check out Blue Blood, thanks for the recommendation – a change from watching XOXO. Your blue/white striped shirt with medium washed jeans and a pair flats Sounds cool, possibly heels next time! Hoodie for a second time, nice, will listen to the beat & lyrics again!

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