Don’t know what to wear? Read this!

Today’s Song!

Hello everyone!

Today was that kind of day when I knew what I wanted to wear. Cute dark jeans, a white flowy top, some light accessories and those golden open shoes. Well, plan had to be cancelled. It is raining. So I went back to that moment when you want to look cute for your day but you have no idea what to wear. AND THAT’S when I found out THIS website!

Now guys, this is your solution! Even if you don’t picture yourself wearing exactly what is written, it gives an idea and may make you think about some clothes in your closet that you forgot about!

According to the outfit generator, I should wear this: Black and Beige outfit with a cartoon character shirt; animal print overalls; and lots of beaded jewelry.
Well, and it made me think about that outfit I once saw on Pinterest… 😉 Even if it is not exactly the same, it still inspires you!


I had a lot of fun clicking to see more outfits! I hope you’ll enjoy as well.



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