Today’s Song!

Hello everyone!

How are you guys?

Busy times at college as always but I really had to share this amazing pic that I found on Pinterest that is.. pretty much.. PERFECT.


In case you don’t follow me (yet!) on Pinterest, I’ve pinned this picture a while ago! Those cameras are so so cute and vintage looking to me – love them!


Plus, you may know that I am all about college style… And to me, this style is all about teddies and baseball tees, sneakers, graphic tees (big numbers and letters), sports related items and so on!





Tell me more about your style!

Hope you enjoyed!



6 thoughts on “SUPER WISHLIST!

    • I know! I really think the soul of that outfit is the baseball tee, then the main point is to dress it up. The pic suggest dressing it up with heel. but if you don’t want to go that way, I think a cute pair of flats and then a bold chunky/sparkly bracelet would be awesome! Maybe you can pull it off now..? :p
      Cheers! —> *Went to say hello over your blog*

      • That just might work. šŸ™‚ Thanks for stopping by my blog. Always appreciated.

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