Juicy Fruit!

Hi guys!

I was scrolling down on Tumblr (follow me here!) when I saw an amazing pic of pomegranate! One of my favorite fruits! So yes, I decided to post about all my favorite fruits.

I know this is not the most exciting one.. but come.. just take a look at all those pics.. aren’t they amazing? AND delicious?

– Not responsible if you suddenly want to rob your grocery store! haha –




watermelon (1)

Sans titre 1

You may notice that these are all very juicy fruits.. which leads me to share with you one of my fave gums!




6 thoughts on “Juicy Fruit!

    • Hey, the third one are lychees “litchis” – They are super good. Very juicy and fruity. When I first tried that my mom told me that they tasted like perfume! Well in a good sense though, not alcoholy perfue tasting. You know what I mean? If you try them soon, let me know if you felt the “perfume” feeling! haha XO

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